Fantasy in Chicago  

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10/27/2005 8:39 am

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Fantasy in Chicago

The air in Chicago is cold and crisp. I make my way into the mall and start looking for clothes for the upcoming winter. I see a sexy lady, dressed nicely, and she catches my gaze. I smile and she smiles back and slowly looks away. Her eyes have a beautiful green and brown shade. She is curvy and has a great womanly figure, well kept. I can tell she takes pride in herself. From the looks of her ass in her denim jeans, I can tell she loves that part of her body, and I do too. She is showing some cleavage. I take my time, and work my way over to where she is. She’s looking at some shirts. I pick one up and say, “this one would really good on you.” “It would show off your shoulders some, guys like to see that.” She looks at the shirt and then into my eyes as she toys with the ends of her hair. “I like that one too, but it might give someone the wrong idea”, she replies. Laying the shirt back on the display, I say, “you won’t have any problems with that, there are plenty of gentlemen in this world who enjoy looking at a sexy woman, plus you might be giving someone the right idea.” We chat for a bit. Her name is Eve; she is visiting the city too, from the southwest. I am from the mid-west. Both of us are here on business.

I leave my hotel room and make my way to the hotel bar for a cocktail before dinner. I answer the bartender with “goose and tonic, with a twist, on the rocks.” My drink arrives as I notice her walking into the bar. I tilt my head to not be noticed, but keep an eye on her. She sits at a table with her back to me. As she takes off her coat, her neck and shoulders are slowly exposed. She is wearing the shirt I had picked out earlier in the day. A smile comes to my face and I begin to fantasize about fucking her.

My head is between Eve’s legs as I lick and suck on her clit. Her fingers run through and pull on my hair. She pushes my head into her as her legs vibrate with each lick across her clit. I can feel her button beginning to swell against my tongue………………. I envision her lips around my cock as she strokes it. Her tongue runs up the base to the tip as she puts it back in her mouth and then back down again.

My cock is beginning to push against my pants. I watch as she orders a drink. I call the bartender as he begins to make her drink, a martini. I have him place it on my tab and I ask him to deliver a note with the drink. The waitress picks up the drink and delivers the note. Eve turns her head and sees me sitting at the bar. A smile comes across her face as she tilts her head and invites me over to the chair. I sit next her and she looks great. “Thanks” she says. “Your quite welcome, and it looks wonderful on you,” I reply. We sit and talk for a bit. During the conversation we flirt some more and she places her hand on my knee several times. She soon excuses herself to the ladies room. I walk to the bar and order another round of drinks.

A few minutes later she appears from just out of the ladies room. I won’t control myself. I walk towards her and place her firmly against the wall as I plant my lips on hers. She presses her lips firmly against mine as her hands grab my ass. I can feel my bulge push against her pussy as I thrust my hips into her. I slide down her neck as she whispers in my ear “fuck me”. We stumble through the ladies room door. Her hand is now on my cock as we pass two ladies near the mirrors. Eve smiles at them as I slam the door of the stall shut.

She slides open my pants and rubs my cock through my underwear. She lifts up my shirts and licks on my nipples. Her hands run down my back and across my waist. She takes my cock out as she sits down. She bares my cock and smiles, places it against her cheek and runs it across her whole face. Her tongue runs from the base of my cock to the tip as her lips surround my cock. She goes as deep as she can and pulls me into her. Stroking me with one hand, the other is rubbing and pulling on my balls. It’s so good to feel her mouth around my cock. I slightly pull on her hair and she bobs up and down. My head falls back over my shoulders when I notice the two ladies watching from above the stall. I’m a bit surprised, but am really turned on that they are watching. Both of them look directly at me and hold their eyes like they are really excited about watching us. Eve knows how to please a man with her mouth, but I want to pleasure her so bad.

I lift her up and turn her around. As I suck on her neck and shoulders I expose her breast and run my hands all around them. I take her shirt off and run my hands between her legs. Her pants fall to the floor as I pull her panties to the side and kiss and nibble the cheeks of her ass. I open the stall door and lead her to the counter. I lift her up, set her down and run my tongue down her body. I run my hands under her ass and lift her pussy to my mouth as I run my tongue over her pussy lips. My tongue runs over her pussy and onto her clit. She is so wet and moans as I concentrate on her clit. I vibrate my tongue softly as I run my fingers into her pussy. Nice and slow licks over her button as she rubs her hands over her breast. I can feel her legs begin to tighten as I begin to press harder with my tongue on her clit. My tongue and head rotating over her sweet pussy as my fingers rub up on her g-spot. My cock is so hard now. I love seeing a woman in pleasure and knowing I’m pleasing her. I run my tongue onto her chest and suck on her breast and nipples while I rub her clit with my fingers; my tongue and fingers working the same cadence. She grabs my head and moves my mouth over her mouth. I really start to rub her pussy and clit, vibrating my fingers as fast as I can. Her clit is protruding now and I place my mouth over it and suck lightly on it. Her legs are really shaking now, as she moans for me to suck and lick harder. Harder and faster I lick her clit…. I start to rub my cock, it is so hot seeing and feeling her getting ready to cum, when I feel someone next to me rubbing my back.

Eve’s legs tighten around my head as I lift her ass up, not letting her pull away. Her hips shake and thrust as she begins to orgasm, juices flow from her pussy and onto my chin, her nipples are erect, her eyes are closed as she fights for each breath while her body jerks in pleasure. The hands on my back have worked their way between my legs and are rubbing my ass and my balls. I look beside me and one of the ladies, who was watching is now rubbing me. I look up to Eve who smiles. She gets up for the counter as the other lady now grabs my cock and is stroking it, as she says “God that was so fucking hot”. Eve grabs me and says, “Now fuck me”. I bend her over the counter as she spreads her ass.

My cock is so big and eager now. I enter her and push slowly in at first. Her pussy is so wet and warm. My hands run up along her sides and onto her waist. She has such a fine ass. I start to fuck her, pumping in and out, and pulling her into me. I see her lips pull on my cock as I pull out each time. I rub her ass and give her gentle slaps as I pump in and out of her. I want to cum so bad, but I know I’ve got to fuck her good. I’m fucking her now at a fever pitch as she reaches between her legs and grabs and pulls on my balls as they slap against her pussy. I reach around and play with her clit as I fuck her from behind.

The lady is now standing against a stall fingering herself; moaning “Fuck her, oh God fuck her please,” she moans. I’m fucking Eve slowly now, letting me really concentrate on rubbing her clit and allowing her more play with my balls. It feels so good. I turn Eve around and she jumps up onto me. She wraps her legs around me and I slide right into her. She starts to ride me, bouncing on my cock and planting her mouth over mine. My hands grab her ass, and I start to rub her asshole. She throws her head back and I start to suck on her tits as we continue to fuck there in the ladies bathroom. I can feel myself getting close to cumming. Eve tightens her legs around my waist and digs her hips deep into me, rubbing her clit against my pelvis as my cock slides in and out of her. She rubs her clit hard against me as she pulls me into her “Oh fuck, oh god, Yes, fuck Fuck, Oh Fuck Yes, yes, Yes, Yes,” Eve cums on top of my cock. I can feel her pussy pulsate and heat up as she cums. My cock is about to burst. I pull her off and she immediately falls down and takes my cock into her mouth. She pulls and rubs on my balls as she jerks my shaft. My cock begins to pulsate as my ass tightens. The feeling of the coming orgasm is so intense. Eve can tell I’m about to cum, she pulls off my cock and places my balls in her mouth and jacks me off as I shoot my load onto the counter. I feel faint for a second as I hear the lady next to us beginning to cum. She’s rubbing her fingers all over her pussy and she plays with her tits and cums next us.

I catch my breath as Eve sucks on my cock. I lift her up and pull her into me and whisper into her ear’ “Lets see how you look in that shirt now”. We get dressed, as the lady leaves the restroom, Eve and I look at each other and laugh at the whole wild thing. We kiss, open the door and walk into the bar. I grab our drinks and we make our way back to the table. On the way back, Eve says “I really have to go now, I am to meet a client for dinner.” “I’ll call you when I get back tonight”. We exchange numbers as she puts on her coat. We give each other a hug and she leaves.

I have a few taste of my drink and relish on the great fuck we just had. After a few minute a pair of hands run across my shoulders. I look up and both ladies from the restroom are standing next to me. “Hello ladies, would you like to join me.” I ask. Each cuddles up next to me as I order another round of drinks.

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