Where is a good girl?  

FleshSpirit 39M
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6/18/2006 11:10 pm
Where is a good girl?

Shut in my room, I wonder where is a good girl who is waiting for my discovery.

Is she humorous? Is she good looking? Is she willing to share her life with me?Or, she just focuses on my wonderful body?

I don't know how to evaluate a girl.I am not that kind of guy who could grasp girls' heart.I don't want to seduce anyone.I don't want to cheat anyone.But with a closed mouth, to be a mute man, good girls don't have a chance to know me. They can't know that I am a good man.That's a problem.How do I solve it? Get naked and run on the streets? Haha, it must be a sensational news and I must be drown in the saliva of all the people around me.That's a dangerous adventure.It's not worthy of doing so.And the good girl doesn't want to call at a naked-run man.Right? That will denigrate me.On the other hand, I dare not show off in this way.It needs great courage.Hehe.

I want to chat with some interesting persons, but I don't have chance to acquaint such kind of person.

If you want to chat with me, chat with me by my MSN.

That' s: You can guess, It's easy.


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