Concubine , Modern and Ancient  

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6/17/2006 2:58 am

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Concubine , Modern and Ancient

Woman, who makes love regularly with a married man, is called concubine.

In china , we know that it's legal to have more than one wives in the past. Nowadays it's illegal to marry more than one woman at the any time.But when we watch TV , when some people gossip, we will hear that there are many many concubines.What they need and desire is money and what the man needs is fuck.In this aspect , we never see any difference from the animal's sex behavior.Human fails to raise itself from the animal 's level.

Love is so pure and pute in the love books and fairy legends.But we have seen that its purity is badly polluted by the sex exchange.

With an eye on the Roman's history, the powerful Roman empire got ruined by the indulging sex. The court for truth and beauty and kindness stopped.

When there are so many concubines around us, could we say that the marrige tie is still stable?It has swang so badly.

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