Men in Plaid Skirts  

FlHighlands 56M
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6/19/2005 7:59 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Men in Plaid Skirts

First, to those just tuning in...I'm the one just tuning in. Please pardon any lack of facility in blogging...I'm sure I'll learn a bit as I go. Secondly, I am Scottish by heritage and the title of the blog as well as my screen name are references to that heritage. I am willing to answer the age old question, "Just what do they wear under those kilts?" if the question is put by the right person....

But I guess the question I wish to raise here, being a Southern gentleman of the old school, is just what do you ladies think being a gentleman entails? I have encountered moderate success here on AdultFriendFinder yet I remain very confused by lady's profiles which profess to seek gentlemen and yet their behavior would indicate they must have a very different perception of what that means than the rather well-defined set of rules of conduct that were drilled into me as a young man both by my father, the other male role models of my youth, and the cotterie of true old southern ladies who comprised the other side of the family. I think the question is best asked without expressing what I think the requirements are since I expect I would get confirmation that my beliefs are what ladies are looking for yet it really doesn't seem to be what they respond to. So I shall cast the question out naked for all to respond as they see fit...

I do look forward to responses and provocative conversation...

hotandhorny107 58F

6/19/2005 9:41 pm

In my book a gentleman treats a woman with all the respect and dignity one can muster. Opening doors, allowing her to order first when out etc. etc. But it is more than that. It is also making a woman feel special all the time. Treating her like the treasure she is. Little surprises every so often, a bunch of flowers for no reason or a box of chocolates/candy. Something to show her that you are thinking about her every so often, even if she is not the woman you plan to take home to mother.

AmberSolaire 42M

6/20/2005 4:43 am

Stick with what you have been taught.The good women will find you.Some of the more out there profiles are prob men anyway.

Good luck and enjoy blogging.

Barbiebunny69 43F

7/3/2005 2:31 am

Work that kilt. I have a friend that started wearing one out to party with me and he (scottish too)went home with all the girls. I like that look..very sexy.

Amber has it right. Stay true to yourself no matter what that entails. Kiss

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