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3/4/2006 11:33 am

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My Fantasy


[size4]The Gift Of Sex - Part 1

Woe Be it for me to be giving you ideas but the temptation has overcum me. Sex is what makes the world go round for me and it drives me to extremes. Since some women find my appearance attractive naturally I shall take advantage of that for the benefit of both of us and anyone else playing erotic games.

Now an opportunity presents itself when 2 people have prior knowledge about each others fantasy's, first meet. If I contacted you, you may know about this fantasy, if not, I look forward 2 meeting you in the this same way, here it is.....

We make contact through the Internet. We have exchanged emails and spoken at length via the phone. A meeting is arranged to take place at my home as you are the 1 with the transport. You arrive 2 find the front door slightly ajar, and see a man asleep on the sofa.
You feel extremely horny at the prospect of having your already wet pussy eaten by this man with all the expert experience you heard about and who told u earlier that he takes his teeth out when at home. You decide to leave your panties in the car. Closing the door you slip off your shoes and approach him. He look as appetizing as his photo suggested and you are horny as hell. He sleeps on looking at peace with a hint of smile, his head, facing the ceiling is in just the right spot for you to squat on it without bending your knees to far. You maneuver your now wet pussy to within a whisker of his nose, hovering for a moment. Then unable to contain yourself and as at the same time as he opens his eyes you lower your pussy softly but fully onto his gummy mouth and of course he knows exactly what you want him to do with it. With no teeth in his lips surround you in a way that takes your breath away. This is a wonderful feeling, your whole body is twitching with sensual pleasure and you hear yourself saying I want this man as you let out a cry of pleasure so loud you amazes yourself. But you don't care by now, your in heaven and on the brink of the most powerful orgasm you can remember.
...end of part 1

This fantasy will happen soon, women in my area continue to contact me and one or perhaps two lucky girls, will have one of the finest times in the far north of Queensland to remember and repeat hopefully.

I will write some more here next month, as I am busy working on a book.

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