The Mushy Side of Our Reality  

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1/12/2006 5:37 am

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The Mushy Side of Our Reality

In the mutual come-down…
We, again, find eye contact. On top of you, I feel as if I float on the elevated energies pouring from your quivering body. My fingertips gently push a few strands of hair from your slightly sweaty brow. A light kiss to your soft lips. We inhale the afterglow, easing into the come-down where our deep breathing remains as synchronized as our spirits. Eye contact doesn’t waver; in wordless poetry, we read each other. We both know we have experienced the holy light… the touch of heaven that nature allows us to share… our separate pasts somehow converging to a shared bliss. My lips again meet yours, you return the kiss; our energies continue pulsing through each others’ being.

My thickness slowly slides out of you ‒ a slight sigh escapes your lips.

I nestle my cheek against your warm bosom. I don’t think before the words fall out, “You are so beautiful, I could almost cry.”

We simply breathe each other for many long moments.

A tender stroke of my hand down the length of your beauty… another stroke… another, slower. I don’t want to stop… ever… but our separate pasts demand separate futures. Damn the warble of time.

Minutes later, we lie side-by-side; our glimpse of heaven slides into our talk, our touches, our laughs as we continually elevate each others’ existence, our interaction a full satisfaction from first touch…

…to the soft kiss goodbye.

You'll be back soon. And I’ll be yours, my love, wholly.

crazygurl2xx 57F

1/12/2006 7:35 am

Making love is beautiful.

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