Naked With You  

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1/11/2006 10:05 am

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Naked With You

Extended Profile of The Greater Good

I’m easy to talk to; I won’t blab non-stop about myself. Good conversation is very sexy to me.

I don’t play games with anyone’s head or anyone’s affections.

I am a very smart and safe investment in great sex and overall positive interaction.
Don’t read “positive” as me being a pushover or candy-ass. I’m a gentleman, but I have plenty of edge when it’s needed.

Your orgasm is as important to me as my orgasm.

Every woman who has been sexual with me wants to get together many times.

I have a larger than average rod. Thick. As far as I can tell, I’m hung like a female orgasm. I don’t know what AdultFriendFinder’s definition of “Long” is, but I’ve been told I’m longer than average by many women… but I’m not Very Long.

I’m always safe in all sex. I’m into whatever turns you on, but I’m not looking to swing from chandeliers every time.


You have to know I want to have sex with you. But I avoid penis-waving to try to impress you… if you choose to get together and see what rhythms we have, I’m definitely into that.

I like to meet sooner rather than later so we don’t waste too much time trading fun emails or interesting phone calls only to find out our in-person chemistry is horrific.


Dear You,
In nature, as on AdultFriendFinder, men compete for your naked affections.
I want you to get naked with me. A look at the facts may help you choose between him and me:

-- Me v. He --
If he’s as in-touch with his inner-life as I am, he’s probably gay.
If he’s as smart as I am, please go out with him because he’s a can’t-miss good time. Of course, his body probably isn’t as fit as mine.
If his touch is as skilled as mine, he might be a woman.

No matter who he is, was, or will be:
I give better hugs;
I could probably kick his ass;
I’m likely more reliable and considerate;
I'm less possessive; and
I'm cool.

You may find a "him" more appealing than me if you are looking for:
someone to treat you like a conquest;
a very pretty boy as opposed to my decent-looking face;
a gargantuan johnson as opposed to my larger-than-average rod;
a bohemian head of hair instead of my close-shave; or
a wealthy guy as opposed to my normal bank.

Wow, this dating stuff is easy when the truth is known.



Get naked with me and you’ll feel the greater good surging through your body and spirit.

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1/21/2006 1:17 pm


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