Light Reading For Heavy Breathing  

FitCoolSmart 46M
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1/11/2006 2:51 pm

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Light Reading For Heavy Breathing

What follows is for anyone who wants to read more than necessary to know what I’m about.

You likely have many dozen penises waving themselves at you, trying to get into your pants… cocks-n-balls yapping at you in a variety of bizarre and/or intriguing ways. How about free-flowing prose?

The best sex has reciprocal intimacy: sweet foreplay; long intercourse with a variety of rhythms and touches; and then strokes after our sex has peaked. More screw and less intimacy is fine, but only if that’s what we both want at the time.

You most likely will really get off, physically. We’ll both feel a connection emotionally. There’s nothing casual about sex with me, except the understanding that we’re lovers and not mates. If you are not completely into Great Sex without a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, I’m not the guy for you.


Time is the ultimate commodity. I will always treat our individual and collective time with great respect.
I am nice guy. I don’t need to disrespect, control, or objectify anyone to feel like I have balls. I’ll treat you like a lady, write to you like a lover, touch you like a woman would, and fuck you like a man.


I’m busy. You’re busy. The world’s busy. All the more reason to get together and push the world away.

It takes time to stay fit and muscular. It takes time to become a millionaire writer and producer of film and TV (I’m not close yet, Gerty Golddigger). It takes time to work an hourly job. But we’ll find time for our physicality.


I’m an asset to be enjoyed. I’m a reliable investment of your time and energy as I will always share fun & intimate moments, and I will usually bring you to body-shaking orgasm. Usually orgasm? Maybe always. I can guarantee intimacy, a great touch, a sense of humor, and a gorgeous rod… the physical is usually orgasmic if we get the intimacy flowing.

longlegdpony2 55F
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1/21/2006 1:14 pm

Damn Baby! Im so turned on by this glimpse into your psyche; you are on my list. I WILL HAVE YOU. Longlegdpony2

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