The Story Begins...  

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8/29/2005 10:50 am

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The Story Begins...


The journey begins...the photo of my arm represents a lack of preparation for using this site. Easy enough to register, but to use the available features while being discreet is a bit of a challenge. However, I know where the "self-timer" on my camera is and to "crop" a photo. I thought about giving a metaphysical reason for posting a photo of my a first impression, didn't want you to see me getting ready to mow the lawn in my work duds....I'll post more revealing photos, no not skin, as time goes on...///...My other thought for today...Mutual masturbation along with two wanton women. Watching their fingers humming along their pussies while the other hand squeezes their breasts, rolling and pulling on their nipples...My cock is rock hard, my eyes glazed over as I stroke away watching the women's lust filled eyes, hearing the groans as we begin to achieve mutual orgasms. One hand anchor to my taunt muscular ass, the other directs my cock to spew cum over their breasts. They explode with a mind bending orgasm, their bodies trembling and twitching. They cool down and smile, one holds up her breast, says "lick this", I bend down...///...and you thought I was going to continue talking about photography...Dave

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