The Doctor's Office Visit (Sexually Clean)  

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9/1/2005 11:18 am

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The Doctor's Office Visit (Sexually Clean)

I continue my journey to meet a woman or couple to experience the youthful rush of sexual discovery--the doctor's office visit!

We complete our good mornings and the doctor (D) asks me what I'm here for? I say "full battery of STD and HIV test". (D) "Have you been exposed or notice any discharge"? I say "No". (D) "Have you had STD testing in the past"? "Can't remember, but being in the military must have been tested". (D) Writes down and says "No". I ask him why he wrote that down. (D) Smiles and says "you'd remember, trust me". That should have warned me, but I'm a little naive at times. He tells to lie back on the table. I drop my pants, underwear and lay down (sounds like a sex story line). (D) Comes toward me with a q-tip and says "this is going to hurt a little, I'm going to stick it up your penis pee hole and swab for a sample". I shot straight up and said "WHAT". (D) "See that's how I know you've never had the full STD before, lay back and relax". He inserts the swab, twists and pulls it out. He had it in me for about 10 seconds and it stung quite a bit. After a full breath, looked over and said "sort of puts things into perspective, never going to complain about a prostrate exam again"!

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