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I was eleven years old the first time i went down on a girl. She was very 15, my neighbor and the sister of my best friend. Mike and i were playing D&D and his siter had just gotten home from soccer. She flipped us off as she stormed by his room and into her...slamming the door and blasting her stereo.

She was the hottest girl i had ever had the pleasure of being within eye site of and i knew that just a few feet away she was in her room...taking off her dirty soccer clothes.

Mike must have known i was thinking about her because he told me i could see into her room through the door jam to her room. I looked at him startled that he knew what was on my mind.

"I do it all the time" he said to me.

I remember i nearly ran to her door getting down on my knees just outside to better get a peek through that tiny little gap. Her raido was so loud i could have screamed her name and there was no way she could have heard me. I knelt there watching her untie the double knots in her cleats.

It might have taken hours to untie those shoes but i would have waited months to see her naked. I waited and she eventually got those shoes off. Then came off her socks...her windbreaker...and her shirt.

OMG she was in a sports bra but it was the hotest thing i had ever seen at my young age. Off came the sports bra and i couldn't help but grab at my pants. Mike knew i was looking at something good cause i remember him saying

"She is pretty hot isn't she."

I looked back into the crack rubbing my pants and starred in utter awe as i had missed her take off her shorts but caught her just in time to take off her panties. I remember thinking that the little patch of pubic hair looked like a heart.

She disappeared for a moment until i managed to move enough to see her again. She was bending over in front of her radio grabbing something off the floor. I turned towards mike and smiled thinking this was a once in a lifetime event.

Boy was i just fucking stupid. In that split second i turned away from the crack in the door jam she had grabbed her towel and reached for the door. I saw the door knob move but there was no way i could have moved. The door swung open and i swear on my life she ran right into me. I remember my glasses getting smooshed into her belly.

"You fucking little perverts" she screamed as she kicked me in the chest.

Mike ran to his room...i'm not sure if it was in fear of her or fear that she was going to tell her parents he was spying on her again.

I stayed there on the floor as she kicked me a few more times. She spat on me and then turned away heading towards the bathroom. I was so scared and sore i just remember her swearing as she walked away.

I made my way back to Mike's room and we giggled and made guy jokes about what had happened. Her kicks didn't do much other than to scare me but boy did it ever scare me.

I remember hearing the water shut off as the pipes made thie weird banging sound that was just barely audible over the sound of her radio. We went back to playing D&D and making comments about her.

I rolled my d20 making an attack with my dwarven berserker swearing under my breath when it came up a 1.

"FUCK!" i was screaming in my head but i think only a simple "damnit" came out of my mouth.

I went to reach for my d20 when this huge bang thundered through his room and his door went flying open. I nearly jumped out of my shorts.

She came into his room wrapped in only a towel and made this lunge for me. I thought she was going to kick my ass again so i tried to run. i remember hitting the floor, my head slamming against the carpet.

She stood over me and kicked me pretty hard in the side of the head. She was saying something but all could do is stare up at her under the towel. I remember her taking the towel off and winding it up. She squated down stretching the towel across my neck.

At that moment i thought sure as shit she was going to kill me. She rested the tops of her feet against the towel pressing it pretty hard against my throat. She pressed her shaved little pussy down towards me face.

I can't even describe at this point how scared i was. I remember seeing her reach for my hair and i remember her pushing my face into her. I was eleven for gos sake i had no idea what i was supposed to do. I just went limp praying she would stop whatever torture she was doing to me.

I am sure only a moment or two passed but she got up off me and kicked me once again in the ribs.

"You little fucking perverts don't even know what to do to a pussy...its really too bad." she beamed at us with the most evil smirk.

From that day on i made sure that i know exactly what to do with a pussy when its thrust in my face.


Well this is the first in hopefully a long and detailed series of true stories all about the joys of pussy.

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