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First kiss...

It happened the day before my 12th birthday, about 2 months maybe from me

experience with Jill. Mike and i played D&D just about every day from the

time we got off the bus until the time his mom would kick us out. The

nights his mom would work late i would just spend the night at his house.

This morning was special, i knew it right from the moment i woke up. Not

only was it Saturday but tomorrow was my birthday. Very first thing i had

to go pee so crawling out of the blankets i stumbled to the bathroom door.

Just as i reached for the door to open it, Mike's mom opens the door from

the inside.

If i had known what it meant at almost 12 years old, i would have said his

mom was totally a MILF. She had a towel wrapped around her and wasn't

showing anything off but i knew there wasn't anything on under that towel.

It wasn't so much what i could see but what i couldn't that turned me on

so much.

She smiled at me and moved so i could go in and take care of my business.

She was a cool mom, one of those women who could be totally mad at you but

it just felt like she was really cool. Well she rubbed my head as i

walked by her messing up my already messing hair. God she was hot.


Later that day Mike and i walked down to the mall. We had to pick up the

new Dragon magazine not to mention we hadn't looked at the soft porn stuff

lately, namely the "relationship" section. It was here that we had seen

the Kama Sutra, not the stupid hand drawn pictures but the one with


There was this other book that had great pictures in it. It was something

like the guide to love making or the Complete Art of Love

making...something like that. The book wasn't any bigger than most of the

D&D books i had ripped off in the past so i but it under my shirt and

walked out.

We were sitting at the food court eating from a Sonic and watching the

retards we went to school with screw around being obnoxious. This

gorgeous senior named Wendy Brierman, who it was rumored got around with a

lot of guys in school, was sitting at a table with a few of the senior

basketball players. There were two other girls sitting with these six

testosterone overimbalanced twits.

It was at this moment i saw for the first time in real life digital dolby

8 speaker surround sound two women kiss. I am not just talking about the

peck on the cheek a daughter would give to her mom but a full fledged lips

and tongue kiss. This chearleader i think her name was Heather, she

leaned over the table and planted one right on Wendy's lips.

I stopped for a moment putting my fries down. The peck on the lips is not

what did it for me but the sight of her curled tongue. I just knew she

had pushed it into Wendy's mouth. For fucks sake this was better than any

magazine i had ever looked at. She just fucking tongue kissed another

girl, not to mention there was no way in hell i could stand up without

letting everyone around me know i had the king of all hardons.

Now you might as what this has to do with the taste of pussy? Well this

is where the real story starts. Mike and i were enthralled with the sight

of a woman kissing another woman that we were completely oblivious to the

she demon that stalked us.

I was viscously stripped from my moment of erotic pleasure by a cuff to

the back of the head and the chilling voice that usually went along with

it. Jill had found us sitting there and just had to destroy that little

bit of self worth we had left. She sat at our table and demanded money.

"Give me some money shithead" is what i heard.

"Go away and find someone else to beat up" i think is something along the

lines of what Mike had just told his sister.

She grabbed ahold of the plastic Waldens bag our Dragon magazine had come

in, which of course i had put the book i had stolen from there in. I

reached for the bag only to get a back hand to the side of my face.

"Oh how cute, you two have finally declared your love for one another. Do

you plan on using this to make each other happy?" her words spat like

venom as she pulled my new found sex book out of the plastic.

To that moment i had never raised my voice or been sarcastic to Jill.

Mainly out of fear of getting my ass kicked but partially because she was

so beautiful i would have done anything to be nice to her. But this was

different, she had crossed the line this time.

"No stupid" i spat back at her pissed off to no end at what she had done,

but quickly realizing the pain she could inflict on me and the utter

embarassment i could get in a public place like this.

To my surprise she did not hit me. She did not rip my pants off for

everyone to stare and laugh at me. In very cold retort she blasted back


"You think there is a woman alive that would have sex with you, let alone

make love to either one of you wimps?"

"Its not for that." I said almost appologetic for snapping at her seconds


"Whats it for then geek?" her voice so very cold and calculating.

I was so affraid to even talk at this moment. She had this way of getting

anything she wanted even if you trid to fight against her. She was a borg

to my existance, resistance to her power was futile. I paused wishing to

any god out there she would grow bored with us an leave.

"Tell me what its for then freak." She said far too loudly for me to want

her to repeat.

"Its for you." i whispered. I wanted to just die for saying that.

"You think I am going to make love to you?!" She nearly choked laughing.

"Give me some money for lunch and i won't tell mom about this." she looked

at Mike, her voice as calm cold and serious as it has ever been.

There was no arguement to that. We gave her our money, not that it was a

lot but we gave it to her out of fear. This meant no trip to the arcade

after lunch so we went straight home.


Mike's mom was a nurse at the local community hospital and worked very

strange hours. When i has seen her earlier this morning she had just

gotten home and now about dinner time she was going back into work. She

had made pasta and sauce for us to eat but she had to leave.

She gave us both a kiss on the head and left for work. It had started to

rain about an hour before this and by this time it was pouring pretty

hard. His mom ran out to the car and took off. She might be back in 8

hours or 12 or maybe 16. I guess that was the life of a nurse at an

understaffed hospital.

Not long after his mom had left, almost like fate would have it, Jill came

home. He hair soaked and stringy from the run up the sidewalk into the

house. She slammed the door and flipped us off as she normally did. Her

feet pounding as she ran up the stairs.

Mike and i finished eating and went upstairs to play some more D&D. Jill

was obviously in a bad mood and after this afternoon neither of us wanted

to get caught sneaking around her door sneaking a peek, so we just stayed

in his room.

Her radio was very loud and playing the Sex Pistols this time. Atleast

this was music Mike and i could tolerate. A little while later we heard

the tell tale sounds of the shower water being turned off. That sound

always scared the hell out of me. It sounded as if the pipes were going

to bust through the floor.

We kept on playing for a while and were thinking if the raid let up maybe

we could go over to scott's house or maybe he could come over and play D&D

with us.

I mentioned before that Jill had this serious problem with invading

privacy, and this was no different from any other time. With a towel

wrapped around her she barged into Mikes room.

"Ok you little shits, which one of you was in my room?" she yelled at us

damn near charging into us.

"Was it you freak?" she pointed at me.

"You are the one who thinks i'm going to fuck you. You were in my room

going through my stuff weren't you!" She grabbed me by the hair and

pulled me to my knees.

"AND YOU!" pointing to Mike, "Don't fucking move."

She seriously dragged me into her room purposely running me into her door

frame on the way in. To think back how i survived her punishment is

amazing. Anyway she shoved me into the footboard of her bed.

I thought this could very well be the end of it all, and i didn't even do

anything. I had heard horror stories of baby sitters killing the children

the watched by shaking them or beating them and this flashed in my mind

like my life flashing before my eyes.

But her voice with what she said next wasn't angry, it wasn't hostile.

She sat on the bed not far from here my head rested face down. My knee

hurt so bad from hitting the footboard i tried to just pretend i was dead.

Maybe she was like a bear and would leave me alone if i played dead.

"What makes you think i would want to have sex with you?" She nearly

whispered running her fingers through my hair making a fist and gently

turning my face to the side to look at her.

I just looked up at her. If i said the wrong thing she could so easily

hit me again. I just stayed there so affraid to say anything.

"Do you think i want to have sex with you?" she said very softly letting

go of my hair. Her hand was still there but i swear she was rubbing my


"no." i choked out. "but i just wanted to be ready if you ever did

that...thing to me again". I could not believe what just came out of my

mouth. My god was i retarded! That was a secret, fuck not even Mike knew

i still thought about that.

"Do you want me to do that again? Give you another chanc
e to see my pussy?" her voce was nothing like the demon i imagined her as

being. It was soft, soothing almost inviting.

"Do you want to do that again?" she whispered very close to my ear.

"yes." i whispered back so softly.

I saw her lay back onto her bed and from the small angle of sight i had i

could see she opened her towel. She was laying on her bed nude and even

though i could have had a broken knee, that thought arroused me.

I tilted my head back a little just enough to get a better look at what

she was doing. She was on her bed with her legs hanging off the edge, her

arms over her head jolding onto the headboard.

"Here is your opportunity if you really want it. If you want another

chance this is the last one you will ever get." Her voice i swear was


I got up from my curled up position and crawled to the side of the bed.

She lifted one of her legs resting her foot against my chest. She slid

her foot up to my face.

"Kiss my feet first." she said as through a soft moan.

I had no idea what i was doing so i kissed the bottom arch of her foot and

again at the toes and even again on the top of her foot near the ankle.

It wasn't so much a word that she said but the sound, almost as if she

enojoyed what i was doing.

She slipped her leg on the bed so that her other one was hanging off the

side. That little patch of heart shapped hair caught my attention mainly

because she was tracing its outline with her finger.

"I think what you are looking for is right here." her fingers still

slowly tracing the outline of that little heart.

For christs sake i was still just eleven years old and i had not even a

chance to read that damn book i had stolen. I still had no idea what do

do here and i tool her literally. I fumbled my way onto her bed and

kissed that little patch of shaved hair. I thought at that moment i was a

god. I was almost pleased with myself afterall i had just kissed a womans


"I think you missed your target a little. Here, let me help you." She


Talk about the wind being let out of your sail. I was ontop of the world

one second and being pummeled into the quicksand the next. I missed?!

What the fuck, how did i miss? I kissed her right where she was touching.

She even told me what i was looking for was RIGHT THERE!

I watched for a moment as her hands slid down a little further between her

legs. That spot on her where the skin kinda folded weird is where she

stopped. I really had no idea what was going on. I had seen magazines

before and even watched a few minutes of one of my dad's prono's but this

was nothing like what i had seen before.

She slipped a finger down into those wrinkles of skin and i have to admit

i was shocked. I really had no idea what to expect. A finger on her hand

slipped into the folds as well.

"Keep watching me. Get closer and look." she purred again.

Her fingers began to seperate opening those folds of skin. I tell you i

had no idea of what to expect and i am dead serious here. I was so scared

i could have wet myself right there. The skin under those folds was pink

and wet...wet almost looking slimey. Was that normal?

To this day seeing that for the first time made me think of the movie

Aliens. When that things jumps out of that guys chest. I knelt there

starring at her pussy and i thought sure as i was alive something was

going to jump out at me. It had too. There was a hole right there and i

could see it moving. Like the muscles around the hole were trying to push

something out of it.

I could have run away but what would that have gotten me? She was being

nice to me and she said this was my last chance. I missed my target and

obviously this was where i was supposed to be. I watched her for a moment

as one of her fingers disappeared into that hole. Oh god this was it. I

was going to die. Her other finger worked up the folds to this tiny

little bump.

The tip of her finger flicked at this little bump and then she began to

pinch it between her thumb and finger. My head was swelling in fear and

ideas. visions of what i was seeing confused me.

"Kiss me right here where my finger is." She giggled.

Fear is a strange thing. I have been affraid of getting punished. I have

been affraid to get a shot but this fear is nothing like any of that. I

was scared, seriously affraid i was going to die here. I got closer to

her and i pressed my limps against that little bump she was rubbing.

It was so warm to the touch almost hot. It didn't hurt but it left this

weird taste on my lips. It wasn't bad at all it was just unreal.

"Kiss it again. This time use your tongue." Her voice was so sexxy.

As i got close enough to do it again she wiggled her hips a little to meet

me half way. My lips pressed against her hot flesh. I had never french

kissed a girl before so the idea of kissing with tongue was new, but i

remembered what i saw earlier that day.

I opened my mouth slightly making sure my lips never left her skin and i

pressed my tongue against that little bump. I thought i had hurt her at

first as she made this breathing in when you are scared and

her hips jerked against me.

I felt her take a handful of my hair, not hurting me but certainly not

very gentle. She pushed my head down closer to the sheets so that i was

looking directly and very closely at the most scary thing of my life.

That hole was wet and it smelled slightly like a guys locker

room or a person who desperatly needs shower.

She pressed my head closer to her and i have to admit i fought back a

little. It looked mean is all i can describe it. She pushed me harder.

"Its ok, kiss me where my finger is." her voice was drowned out by this


The sound that was made when she pulled her finger out of that hole. It

was wet and made this unreal sucking sound. If i put my lips to that i

might have my whole head sucked in i had no idea what was going on.

She pressed my head harder this time using her other hand, the hand with

the wet finger all curled up in my hair. My lips touched her and i opened

my mouth to push my tongue against her.

It didn't taste bad at all...a little salty perhaps but it wasn't the

taste that turned this all around for me. When my lips touched her i

thought they were going to catch fire. That spot on her was so hot on my

lips, and when my tongue touched her it was as if i had licked the end of

a 9 volt battery.

I felt the jolt through every part of my body. Even my already hard penis

was now throbbing as if waves of electricity were rolling over it. I

looked up at her to see if she felt that jolt too but i could just tell

her eyes were closed and her back was slightly arched.

She pushed harder on my head pressing my face right into her.

"Don't stop kissing me there. Try to push your tongue into me." her

absolutely most kind and angelic voice rang out.

I started my tongue at that hole pressing it aginst her surprised at how

easily it opened allowing the tip of my tongue to enter. I licked her for

a moment flicking my tongue twice and tracing a line back to that little

bump on her.

The waves of energy were far stronger after that and that throbbing in my

pants was almost painful now. It just wouldn't stop. I jerked my hips a

little trying to make it go away but she had a very strong grasp on my

hair which limited how far i could move.

"DO THAT AGAIN!" it wasn't a yell but more like a growl under her breath.

I started way down again and ran my tongue a little harder against her

back up to that little bump. It was just then as her hands clenched

harder in my hair pulling me and forcing me back down that the pain in my

pants got seriously uncomfortable. I tried to pull away but she pressed

me against her again...and again...and again.

I think i started to shake at that moment. That feeling was just nothing

i had ever felt. I was sweating and i thought some one has pouring heat

directly on me. Warm water was the next thing i thought i felt, like

laying on the beach on a cool day letting the warm waves crash down on to


The pain went away for a split second and then immediately came back ten

times stronger than before. It wasn't pain so much at this point but

pressure. I couldn't move...literally couldn't move. I was making fists

in her sheets squeezing like ole mr white knuckles and i could feel my

whole body tremble. I squeezed my eyes shut so hard i could see colored

stars floating around.

It was right then at that moment it happened. It been described as an

explosion by some...a gentle wave by others. I seriosuly have no words to

describe the feeling. I was so tired in that heartbeat...that quick

moment. I just wanted to sleep.

That is when i first felt it. The cold icky feeling in my pants. That is

when i knew what had happened. My body was limp and nearly collapsed and

she had let go of my hair.

"Are you ok." she said actually sounding concerned.

"I think so. I don't know." i mumbled.

What the hell was happening. This was Mike's sister. The Demon! The

Cold Hearted Bitch that spent every waking moment of her life tormenting

us. And what had just happened was fuel for her torment. I was a joke..a

laugh...a punchline for her abuse. I knew she was going to tell everyone

what had happened and my life in school was over.

I could feel her bed move as she adjusted her position. She swung around

to sit up infront of me. I felt her pull my head back and she kissed me

on the forehead.

"Happy birthday." was the last thing she said to me that night.

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