My Favorite Sex Scenario  

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4/5/2005 7:25 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My Favorite Sex Scenario

Hmm...I have been reading who's been checking out my blogs...and it seems that alot of ppl from Texas have been reading my blog....seems there are some hotties down in TEXAS...maybe I need to check em out.....

I have appreciated all the comments and feedback - especially the feedback that has told me that I am a descriptive writer...that has been much appreciated.

My blog entries have been true stories
..scenarios that have happened to I thought I'd write one that I want to fulfill...

I dont really label myself bisexual...though I do love oral sex with men and women...not that I want to pick up women...but I do love to go down on a man as much as I do a woman. I have only had one woman to woman experience and am looking forward to having more....

Men on AdultFriendFinder write and ask about do many women...seems most females want to have their man watch...which isnt what I want...I am not interested in having an audience while I am fucking another person....not at this point in my life...but I am very interested in a f-m-f encounter...and my reasonings why are this:

I love oral sex....I can not imagine anything more erotic than going down on a man fucking another womans cunt, him banging her doggie style, and me laying underneath the woman, birds eye view of his dick sliding into her glistening wet pussy, me seeing this in all their mating glory, and for me to place my hands on the womans thighs, raise my head, and start to give them oral sex while they are oral feast is what I call it! OMG...imagine....pussy and cock juices...all gushy and beautiful, and all of it going in my mouth, tasting it on my tongue....burying my nose in her bush....nibbling her clit, helping her to scream to an exploding ORGASM...and helping him to come to a mind blowing orgasm by letting my tongue go up and down his shaft as he is banging this womans cunt....working my way down to his balls and taking one into my mouth.....sucking on it until he explodes in her....and letting me go down on them both, singly, while I take in their fuck juices...I personally love to go down on a man after he has been in me and came...I love the taste, the fragrance....the feel of a soon to be floppy cock in my mouth as I tenderly suck it clean....and burying my nose into his cock hair, smelling our sex all over him...can ya tell I am into, sexy ones....I love the way my bedroom smells after an all a

I imagine that going down on the woman after the man has fucked her may be too much for now swollen clit and fucked out pussy....but if she's like me...I am sure I could tease her with my mouth and tongue back into action......

Shit, now my fucking clit is hard....

zenyen 65M

4/6/2005 8:38 pm

That's funny - the last woman I talked to on here about getting together for a 3-some, wanted to know if I'd suck her clit while her boyfriend fucks her. I told her I would. As soon as tax season is over and we can work it out.

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