I'll be Waiting For You  

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5/30/2005 5:38 pm

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I'll be Waiting For You

This past weekend, I went to the beach with my kids...we had a great time...it was just good to get out and see four different walls....

Got a lil sun...so I dont look or feel so pasty white right now...a lil healthy color makes a difference.

Twenty three years ago, I was at the beach and went to a club where this FANTASTIC band was playing...their names were The Ravyns and they were from Baltimore. I became fast friends with the guys and to this day, can still call them my friends....personal friends...and their music today still moves me through troubled times, good times and bad times.

As I was sitting outside last night, I had my headphones on, listening to my favorite BOYZE (that's what I call them) tune...drinking a beer, smelling the ocean air, by myself, while my kids were sleeping, and just having my memories of times gone by - old times....recent times...and each memory made me sigh....this song posted here brings together what I feel when I am reminisicing.....

Iíll Be Waiting For You (r.fahey)

Iíll be waiting for you
Iíll be waiting for you
Iíve thought it over a thousand times
forward and backward between the lines
iím not surprised by some things you say
but just think twice before it slips away
when everythingís fallen out of place
itís hard to wait until weíre face to face
but if youíre tempted to cross that line
just ask yourself baby one more time
do you want me
do you hear me
do you feel me
are you near me
iíll be waiting for you
iíll be waiting for you
i donít expect answers overnight
iím out of frame but youíre not out of sight
donít be persuaded too easily
i only pray that thereís room for me
cause i want you
and i hear you
i can feel you
and iím near you
Iíll be waiting for you
Iíll be waiting for you
Iíll be waiting for you
Iíll be waiting for you

IdeasMiserGuard 68M

6/5/2005 2:23 pm

Thanks Firsttime for reminding me of Someone.

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