Favorite Sex Toys  

Firsttime36 53F
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3/29/2005 10:26 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Favorite Sex Toys

Ya know, you say, I am done, I aint doing this no more...and boom...it all changes.

Deleted a man who I met here on AdultFriendFinder from my ims, phone and email...cos he stopped calling, iming, emailing...and I'll be damned if at 10pm last night, the SOB called...I was like, huh?

Anyways, I wanted to chat a bit about my favorite sex toys...

1. The Pocket Rocket

I love my pocket Rocket! It was probably the best 20 bux I have ever spent. I use this toy most of all...it works the clit soo well...and it doesnt take me long to climax from this bad boy....

2. The Suction Dildo

I love this toy, too. It has a suction cup at the base and it is very life like and its enormous...I definetly get a stuffing from this...I use this when I really need some dick and havent gotten any. (WHICH RIGHT NOW ITS BEEN A WHILE!!!)....I have a doorway from my bathroom into my room that opens into an open space...I am able to stick this dildo to the wall and straddle the wall with both legs...and its almost (BUT NOT QUITE!) like getting fucked my the real thing! I use my pocket rocket along with this and I have an enjoyable time....I can cum and cum and cum when I use this combo. I dont use it alot cos I think the latex makes me itch...

3. The Purple Vibrator

This toy has a suction cup attached to it but it wont suction to the walls...but it will suction to the walls in the bath tub...I usually place this on the wall where I can bend over and act like I am getting fucked from behind...while in the shower (its waterproof!) It has a nice VARROOOMMM....I can also use it to just work my clit if I need too....but since its so big...I dont usually feel like dragging it out of the closet...when I can reach for my pocket rocket.

4. Vibrating Anal Beads...

OMG....I try and use these beads whenever possible during toy play....these beads have enough VAROOMM that will go along with clit play and vibe play that I swear to you...I orgasm from my ass play and my pussy play.....these things are incredible and one of my best purchases EVER.

I am thinking that if I get any comments and I am asked nicely...maybe I'll take a few pictures of said toys in the places where I use them and if you ask nicely...I will but them in my network and invite you into it....

So, these are my favorite toys (at the moment)...when you are a single gal and you dont get laid (like I feel like I should)....they do come in handy...


keithcancook 60M
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3/29/2005 1:05 pm

No, nothing does beat the real thing. I found your post fascinating. I love this real-life stuff. I have used vibrators before with my partner, but that is it so far as manufactured toys go. I am sure that as time progresses I will eventually experience the "joys of toys" in more varied ways. After all, the more we experience the wiser we become.

mnfun952 102M

3/29/2005 3:21 pm

I'm always happy to meet another toy fan... toys can be such fun - a nice addition to the real thing. I respectfully request an invitation to view your sexiness with your toys. (was that nice enough?)

Have fun!



3/29/2005 7:03 pm

hey purples my favorite colour lol, i have the purple dolphin , yummy buddy , but i agree , nothing beats the livng thing, the only plus with the dolphin is , it`s always there , that is unless the batteries die and the store are closed, damn hate when that happens lol

teddybears32 54M
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4/12/2005 1:41 am

well i would like to watch you use them on your self then maybe join in and use them on you then give u the real thing

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