Chatting on AFF (in Chat Rooms)  

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4/24/2005 6:10 pm

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Chatting on AFF (in Chat Rooms)

I am a chatter....I admit it.

I enjoy going into the Maryland Virigina AdultFriendFinder Chat room...and my entertainment is watching the hard ups making assholes out of themselves.

Now, I admit, I dated a chatter. We met on AdultFriendFinder...and we instantly connected. We shared a bond of music...a huge part of my life. We were both at low points in our lives and we bonded like I never thought I would bond with someone over the internet. Weeks of emailing turned into a night of ims, finding that we liked almost the same thing music wise. Met up with him a day later and ended up in a loving, mature, friendship relationship. This man took me outta my hum drum existance and took me places, spent money on me, and he enjoyed my company. We TALKED and we TALKED...and it was wonderful...probably the first adult relationship that I had that felt right and was fun....

Our sex life was phenomenal. We didnt click right was a slow build...but it turned into one of the most beautiful experiences of my have the intimacy, the wonderful sex and to thoroughly enjoy one anothers company...we could get in the car together, and head to a place 4 hours off, and it was like a minute, we never stopped talking, laughing, loving.

He was going through a rough time, trying to decide whether he wanted to stay married...yes, I went there, and am not sorry for on minute of it...I truly love this man with all my heart...he is a friend and he always will be. He has issues, but who doesnt?

He needed to find his way, and I am happy to report, he did....he settled back in with his wife, and got a straight path. I will neve regret one minute of the beautiful love we shared for that six months. He told me he loved me and I believed much as I loved him...and even though we speak rarely (not due to anything other than work), we do care and love one another. He is and always will be my friend.


I love watching the ppl come into a chat room, asking for pictures, where are you, do you wanna go private and chat. I am thinking, wtf, why cant you get to know me before you want all that? Is it all about where I live, what I look like, what I am going to tell you? I dont want to hook up with you for sex as soon as I meet you....chatting is my entertainment...something I get a big kick out of....and its sooooo funny on a Sunday night...the DESPERATES come out....and start with...anyone wanna meet a nice 21 year old with a big cock? Or they are like FIRSTTIME, where do you live, I live in your neck of the woods, I can meet you in ten minutes? And I am like, YEAH, I'll get right out to meet you....dipshits....

Chatters, gotta love em....and I have mades some WONDERFUL friends in the Maryland Virigina Chat room....they are there to meet ppl as friends...and not some ridiculous notion that we are all in there to fuck. Same thing goes for the party I went to; it was friends getting togther to meet, enjoy each others company, not some big sex orgy. That's not what its about with the core of ppl I enjoy...we are FRIENDS.

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