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A story...

Cleaning off old disks, I found this story I wrote about a very hot sexual encounter that I had...hope you enjoy it and give me some feedback!

The attraction between the two of us had always been there, I thought. We worked so well together on the one thing that we loved the most, the theatre. I respected you so much. You listened to me, thoughtfully and you were interested in what I had to say. When you actually took my advice on problems, and my way worked, you praised it and we kept going. But, still, there were times when I looked in your eyes for some sort of want, some sort of yearning, the way that I felt. Sometimes I couldn’t breathe when I stood next to you, my desire was so great. It was a struggle for me; but, I trudged on, knowing that one day, my patience would pay off in a big way. And, yes it did, in every way that I thought and dreamed possible.

All those late nights that we spent together, talking and talking, like we were partners in some way. We were partners in many ways but not as much as I wanted us to be. Nights were spent, smoking and drinking, enjoying each others company. I listened when you spoke, interjected what I felt and you did the same. There were so many nights that I looked at you, wanting to grab you, kiss you, touch you, and feel if you desired me as much as I desired you. I was so afraid of rejection and losing you; you were my friend first, and I now wanted you as my lover. You meant more to me as a friend but my desire was growing with each and every time we spent together. It was getting harder and harder for me to be around you. I always thought, just one more drink and I am gonna make him see how much I desired him. Still, my fear of rejection was to great.

After much soul searching, I realized, I had to do something or I might do the wrong thing. We were both free of others when I felt it was time. If you came up to me one more time backstage and hugged me or touched me, there was going to be a scene like never before in a theatre history! You were in this show, not directing this one but acting, and you were looking wonderful in your costume, your hair grayed for the occasion. I was doing make up for all the actors, and I kept getting glimpses of you in your shorts and no shirt and your graying chest hair, nipples standing proud in the thickness of it. I would hold my breath when I walked passed the men’s dressing room for fear that I would slip in there and do what I wanted to do. I would stand backstage and watch you perform and when you came off, you always leaned down to speak to me - touch my arm or my face. When you whispered in my ear, just the mere puff of air from your lips sent shivers up my spine. I could feel the wetness start to creep out of my center and I would have to shift my legs, to make sure that I didn’t leave a wet spot on my jeans. I vowed that this show, you would not go unscathed and you would experience my charms even if I had to tie you down and fuck you the way I wanted.

Opening night came and afterwards, we went to the local bar. We were all in our black tie and dress finest. I had on my strapless black dress; it always makes me feel pretty. We were all drinking champagne; the one thing that I never really drink. But, it was going down like water, so smooth and so sweet. I watched you as you had to make your way around the room. We all had to play the game; make sure all the guests were spoken to. I would be sitting there, looking around dreamily in my champagne induced haze, and I would catch your eye. I tried to make sure that I gave you the most smoldering glances that I could muster. You returned them and I knew then that I would make my move; some how, some way, I was going to have you tonight.; you would taste me as I would taste you. I was going to make sure that you would get the sweetest head that I could muster. I wanted you to be between my legs and I wanted my thighs to ache!

After the reception was over, we all adjoined to the bar side of the restaurant. We were plowed. I sat next to you and we had a great time. We drank more champagne. We were all enjoying each others company and reveling in the success of our show. We all bonded closer to each other that night. But, I was determined to bond with you more than ever before. We were going to bond together in my way, you in my mouth, in between my aching and dripping legs. We touched, we flirted, lie we always had, but tonight, because of all the excitement and the champagne, it was different. I saw a different light in your eyes. We all walked back over to the theatre, each of us moving in our own deliberate way. I watched you as we walked and I knew as I saw your hips move that I would make some sort of move tonight. When we got over to the building, we all stood out side chatting about this and that. I stood in front of you within the group, feeling your breath on my shoulders, standing this close, barely touching but my body responding all the same.

When it was decided that we would all go back to the director’s to continue the party, we all got in our cars and left. I followed you in my car to your truck. When you were getting ready to go, I called you over to me. You strolled over to me and asked what was up. I couldn’t even find any words to say. I just reached my arm through the window, grabbed you by the shirt front and drew your face to mine and planted the most sensual kiss I could muster. I put my hands to your face and drew you into me as deep and as passionate as I could. You weren’t even startled. I knew then that you must have felt it, too.

As I got out of the car, we barely broke our sealed lips. We just stood there, lips interlocked, bodies mashed together. We kissed for what seemed like hours. When we broke apart, I asked you if you had even known that this was what had been in my heart. You said you had a feeling but circumstances had been beyond our control. By then, I was so fucking horny that I probably would have cum if you had touched the right spot. As we continued making out, like teenagers, I had my hands up your shirt, touching that wonderful gray chest hair, feeling you erect nipples and hearing you groan as I gently tweaked them. I suckled your neck, taking in the smell of the theatrical make up that still lingered on your skin. I unbuttoned your shirt and continued my assault down your chest. I ever so gently suckled on your nipples taking one then the other between my teeth and you sighed deeply. I tasted the saltiness of your skin, knowing that you had gotten hot while performing under the stage lights. All of this added to my desire, knowing that you represented areas that I loved in life. Make up, the stage and the intrigue of theatre and being with one of the people who respected me in the one thing I truley loved in my life was enough to make me explode.

As I continued my exploration of your upper body with my hands and mouth, you in turn were working your way down my body with your hands and mouth. You pulled my dress top down and discovered my theatre mask tattoo. You gently kissed it, and worked your way down my breast to assault my nipple with your mouth and tongue. This was driving me insane. You would suckle my nipple then work your way back to the tattoo and back down again. Your other hand was gently fondling the other one, tweaking the nipple. I pushed your head harder against my breast; I was ready to scream the pleasure was so intense. I literally wanted you to suck my nipples until they were bruised; I was so intoxicated by the champagne and the pleasure of it all. My hands worked their way through you hair, my body arched achingly against you, grinding my hips against you in passion. I wanted you and needed to feel you inside me, your tongue teasing me, your manhood filling me up. I whispered my desire to you that I wanted to eat you and to have you eat me, and you answered me in a throaty whisper that you loved to eat pussy - just the mere mention of that sent a shiver through me. I needed so desperately to cum.

One of my fantasies in life was to fuck someone on a set of a play I worked on. I told you this while we were necking. Knowing that there was a couch on stage, I whispered my desire into your ear. You thought about it and said that we had plenty of time, let’s not push it. So, now I had a challenge. I was going to change your mind - you were going to be inside me before the night was over.

I urgently and passionately pursued my intentions with you. I started to massage your cock through your tuxedo pants. I worked the zipper down and gently but greedily grasped your cock with my hands. I discovered with delight that you were very hard and precum was at the tip. Your cock was long and thick, just like I like it. I sigh and you ask me why. I tell you that you are a perfect size - you grin with delight and you tell me that you are big and fat - and I answer with a yes, I can tell. I return to my massage; I gently move my hand lower to your balls, gently fondling them with my fingertips. As I am doing this, I am gently suckling your neck, inhaling the grease paint smell once again, getting more and more aroused. I gently flick my tongue in your ear and that’s when you say, shit, I want to eat your pussy - let’s go. I ask innocently where are we going and you say inside, to the theatre. I grin ear to ear and whisper, let’s go.

We worked our way back into the theatre, to the darkened house and stage. No light except for the eerie red glow of the fire exit lights. The couch located center stage was being illuminated by one of the exit lights, almost as if in an invitation, as if it was the only set piece there, waiting to be sat upon. I chuckled softly, knowing that there would be no sitting, just a whole lot of sex as far as I was concerned. We climbed the stairs to the stage and walked over to the couch. We stood by the couch for a moment, necking the whole time before we sank down into it. Almost like magic, our clothes were off and we were naked and touching and feeling each other, discovering what we liked. You spread my legs and took my very wet and aching center into your mouth, tonguing me and eating me until I thought I would explode. You nibbled at my clit with your teeth and you tongued my pussy for a long satisfying time. I bucked my hips against your mouth, enjoying every moment. You only stop once, to tell me that I taste wonderful, that you love what you are doing. I tell you that I love what you are doing to me and beg you not to stop until I cum. But, even in my greedy, selfish way and knowing that I want you inside me as soon as possible, I see that you have an erection so hard that I am afraid that you will not fit inside me it’s so long and stiff. I murmur to you that it’s your turn and you say, no, let me finish. I said no, let me please you for awhile. You kneel in front of me and I move to take you in my mouth. I inhale your scent and lick the precum that is glistening at the end of your cock. I hear you moan and I feel your hands move to my hair and caress my head. I take you all the way down and slowly let your hardness slide back out of my mouth, using my teeth to gently glide them across your cock. I feel your cock move in my mouth as I proceed to give you very sweet and delicious head. I love the way it feels in my mouth, the taste, the smell, the entire process. I look at you kneeling in front of me, your torso illuminated by the red glow of the exit light and the look of sheer pleasure on your face. I stop short of your climax, knowing that I want to savor the explosion of your pulsating cock inside me - I need to cum so bad. I lean back on the couch, spread my legs, lead you back down to me and take you in my arms, wrapping my legs around your hips. I encourage your entrance with movement of my hips. You run your fingers down my body, across my belly and down to my very wet and drippy slit. You take your finger and slowly run it up and down my opening, making sure that I am ready for your entrance. You slip one, then two inside my dripping hole and you slowly begin to finger fuck me, to make sure that I am there, so that when you enter me we will be on our way to heaven. I lay back, throw my arms back over my head and just enjoy the experience. I am very tired, still slightly inebriated and getting very melancholy. You remove your fingers and start to enter me. I feel the head of your shaft at my opening, thinking that you will enter me slowly. To my total surprise and delight, you arch forward and fill me to the rim with your cock. My eyes open in wide shock but the shear pleasure of it takes my breath away. You get an evil grin and I smile back. Two can play that game I think as I start to move my hips to meet your urgent thrusts. Our coupling is fast and furious. We move hard. With each strok, you hit my very core, the one place that only few in my life have ever been able to hit and make me even wetter. Your hips dig into my thighs with a great force. Your face is right in mine as we fuck and I can smell and taste myself on your lips. I hold you in my tight embrace of my arms and my legs as you pond into me with fast strokes. I feel your breath quicken as mine does; I know that we are about to cum. Your strokes become even faster and all of a sudden I start to see stars; my face begins to tingle. I try to get out that I am cumming but somehow, my voice is lost. I dig my fingers into your back and you start to moan; it almost sounds like a growl. I arch my hips to you one last time cos’ I know I can’t move anymore; my explosion is the only thing that matters right now. You push one last time into me as I do this and to my amazement, we cum together, almost on cue - no director could have ever gotten a more perfect reaction like that for all the money in the world. You slump onto me and you stay inside me as we both almost pass out from the intense coupling, all the intense work we put into this show and the champagne. As I lay there, looking over your shoulder at your great ass in the red glow, I think, wow, we make a good team, the actor and the techie, working side by side for a common goal. Now I ask you, what in the world will we do for our next production??

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2/24/2005 11:34 am

WOW!!!!! I know I enjoy chatting in the room a bit with you.. BUT..... very nice..... you have a great imaginataion....

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3/26/2005 6:26 pm

I'm not sure if that was a true story but whatever, girl.. you are a great story tell... I felt every movement, thrust, breath, and touch... I'm creaming. Just ....DAAAAAAAMMMMN
You go girl!!!

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