Bar Nightmares...oh the memories.  

SleekIcilyVarix 41M
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5/23/2006 2:29 am
Bar Nightmares...oh the memories.

The bar scene doesn't really appeal to me much these days. That said, here's a (least) favorite Tale from the Bar.

So one Friday afternoon after a long day at work, I walked to the bar down the street to have a beer and check out the band they had playing. I'm sitting alone, relaxing, and enjoying the music. There are a few people on the small dance floor dancing. This fat guy walks off the dance floor and sits down at my table uninvited. He doesn't say anything, he just stares at me. I'm like..."Uh, what's up?"...he says nothing, just keeps staring at me.
He then proceeds to start heaping money on the table. (something to the tune of 60 bucks) (I was too shocked to figure out if I should be flattered or pissed that he thought I'm so cheap. lol) He continues not to say anything, just gives me this creepy smile. Now, I'm not homophobic, nor am I gay.
Nor was I curious about what he was propisitioning me for. I told him I wasn't interested. As if that wasn't plain English, he puts more money on the table. I tell him to get the fuck away from me, and he leaves. He gathered most of his money, leaving 17 bucks on the table. I left it as a tip for the waitress.

Now, I'm not the violent sort, I've been in ONE fight my whole life (5th grade, Andy Stern, at recess. We were playing tag, and I knew he could outrun me, so when he got close, I dropped to the ground and he tripped over me and went flying. He didn't like that.), but I thought about kicking his ass. I went there to relax, not get creeped the hell out.

Have you got a bar nightmare story? Let's hear it

Blue_eyes_smile 42F

5/23/2006 6:42 am

Hmmm, let's see the only bar nightmare that Ive been through happened when my best friend and I decided to go to the bar in my truck so no one would see her vehicle there. We decided to back road it to the bar and I turned on this street,(very dark street!) this little old lady had fallen flat on her face out in the middle of the street. I damn near hit her because I didnt see her...So we stopped and helped the lady up and she was trashed! She had like 5 purses full of junk that had scattered all over the road and was walking on two canes.

We got her up and all the contents of her purse put back in the right bags, and my friend told the lady " I will drive you home and my friend can follow us", the little old lady handed the keys over and from there it became a wild goose chase, she made my friend pull into a house and we got out to help her into the house,come to find out it was the wrong house! The little old lady snatched the keys from my friend and got into the van and hauled ass!

We decided that we didnt need to hang around to have the cops called on us so we hauled ass too. kind of pissed us off, but then we couldnt stop laughing! So much for helping the elderly out...we went back to the same bar we were headed to when all this happened. We had a good laugh all weekend long.

SleekIcilyVarix replies on 5/23/2006 2:35 pm:
lol...hope she found the right house in one piece. Thanks for sharing

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