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7/25/2005 2:41 pm

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I was *really* bored at work.. so I wrote. ^ ^


I think as fingers knead into tense flesh
Slowly moulding under the firm touch
of a caress
that reminds me of that one time
in mexico
Her eyes were dark
and her fingers strong-like yours
Pushing & pulling
Her body was scented
with the desert and
the roses

But you..
Your touch is teasing and deliberate
A brush over my shoulders that leaves
to the sides of...
I'm sorry, you say
as your fingers move away
With your lips holding a cat's smile
And my body aches
not from the day
but in longing for the night

I move then, easing my body out
Unabashed of my
All curves and girth as a woman
was meant to be
Beautiful and self-concious free
I am the butterfly,
spreading my wings
Reaching to the warm sun in
the palm of your hands
Where I press the shy blossom
of my lips
Unspoken is the invitation
for you to come closer
You and I....

Yet your fingertips
make slow circles
in the base of my spine
I writhe
It hurts and yet it releaves
As you unravel a bramble
twined 'round my tail
But, move to the front please
I think as I smile
As you undo me
playing innocent all the while

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