I changed the squirrel food  

FireOwlLady 58F
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7/14/2005 10:15 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I changed the squirrel food

Couldn't keep the darn things out of the bird feeder. Changed that. Put in some old granola cereal, some craisins & some chocolate chip granola bars that no one wanted to eat anyway & added it to the premium bird seed & some actual squirrel snacking food. I have started a squirrel feeding frenzy. The one right now hasn't left the feeder in 10 minutes, what isn't going in the squirrel is landing on the ground below so I can see birds doing dive exercises too.
My mother tells me that squirrels in Florida aren't fat because they don't have to save up energy for the winter. Boy, she hasn't seen MY squirrels. Lately one has been keeping the others away by SLEEPING on the lid of the snacker. The thing looks a lot like a softball with a squirrel outfit wrapped around it!
Granted the feeder is Cedar, probably smells divine between it & the food & its one way to keep the others away but it sure makes for great pictures. I so a lot of work in my computer room & it faces the southern exposure & some rich folks houses with a security fence inbetween. For shade, a weed has grown into a tree & until the fig treelets are big enough, we've utilized the tree as the bird & squirrel feeding station. What does this have to do with an AdultFriendFinder blog you ask? Well, since I'm here almost every day doing work, everything. I work here, I play here, I come in here to get cool after mowing outside or doing other chores that help firm up that loverly butt of mine. I try not to think of my friend Lion while I'm in here but that's difficult with all of you nice guys coming on to my new pictures. But most of all I like watching the huge blue jays, brilliant cardinals & those darn squirrels & the foods that they eat. Anyway, I'm going to mosey on over to the vibrator in my bedroom now & use it before making myself some brunch so that I can "burn" my calories instead of just consume them. I need a good massage to work out the kinks in my thighs from the water park the other day... but I have to go mow up some mulch at the moment <sigh> Always chores on a farm...always chores.

bloater999 54M

7/17/2005 8:41 am

Unfortunately my garden has less exotic wildlife than yours; sparrows, blackbirds, woodpigeons, thrushes etc., but I understand your sentiments!

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