I hate to do this but...  

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8/7/2005 9:10 am

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I hate to do this but...

So last Saturday I got back from vacation at the beach (going back to Ocean City again in 2 weeks though), only to find out that the latest round of illness at work was passed on to me yet AGAIN. I swear this place will be the source of the disease that wipes out humanity. Well this time I guess we're lucky, it was just one of the nastiest sinus infections I've ever seen, last time it was bronchitis & pnumonia going around at the same time. Our department should have 10 people in it when fully staffed and due to illness & injuries at times we were down to 3 and sometimes only 1 or 2 people there so I couldn't even get time off. All I've done the last week was work then come home & go right to bed (I think my IM even still says I'm on vacation). LOL Those that have had it have said it's a 7-10 day thing and they're pretty much right on. I'm far from naming myself cured but compared to last Sunday & Monday when I was thanking being a member of the fire dept & ambulance because if I was able to get to the phone & call it in the ambulance trip to the hospital would've at least been free. LOL

With that all said I said to myself I was going to talk about life in general on here & that's it. not "other stuff" but since the "other stuff" is about all that's going on right now I guess I'll have too... I'll judge reactions to see how much of a habit I'll make doing it though. After all I AM a guy & we do think with that other head from time to time. Now that I'm feeling better I'm being reminded that certain things have been neglected for the last week. You know what I mean (how exactly do you describe what it feels like to have an orgasm or feel horny anyway? I guess that's a topic for another time). I have so much stuff yet to finish from getting home from my vacation but right now I think there are other priorities. I planned on taking the paper & some lunch outside for a while but since it's raining that's out, I guess I will shut up now & have that lunch now then grab me a good hour or two of some of that make up play time and hopefully next time I post I'll finally be feeling completely better and mush less tightly wound.

10FireDawg 40M
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8/14/2005 2:09 pm

And what a WONDERUL night that was!!! Just thought I'd add that... LOL

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