Being a transvestite - Part 1 Chapter 4 (final)  

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Being a transvestite - Part 1 Chapter 4 (final)

Chapter 4 Dom's Appartment

"Only a couple of more pictures, dear, and then I will let you go home. We need to try your different outfits." No use protesting. Dom asked Fiona to make herself comfortable in her apartment, while she went over to Fiona’s place and fetched the outfits she wanted her to "model in". It was as Fiona had expected. The outfits went from elegant, to sensual, to sexy, to sluttish. Click, click, click, click. She asked her to pose in very daring positions, revealing the garters that Dom had made her wear, wearing the red top from the night before, showing off her tits, but this time with a black leather mini skirt that revealed the top of her stockings. Click. Fiona on the bed on all fours photographed from behind, her legs spread invitingly, the skirt barely covering her arse with the garters and stockings clearly visible while Fiona was seductively looking into the mirror at the end of the bed and straight into the camera. Click. You got the picture. She changed Fiona’s make-up between each shot, getting more sluttish each time. By now Fiona was wearing bright-red lipstick again and the longest false eyelashes you could buy. Dom was thoroughly enjoying herself, while Fiona tried protesting fruitlessly before every shot was taken.

"And now Fiona, the sex slave!" Dom said, "this will be our last shot, I promise." Fiona had to take off her red top and her skirt, which had hidden nothing to start with. The basque which she was wearing could not entirely hide the fact that Fiona was wearing breast forms, and so Dom gave her a black satin teddy with a lace front to wear on top. Then Dom produced a pair of handcuffs. "Please no!" Fiona tried to protest, although she knew it was fruitless, "Please, Dom, don't you think that we have enough photos now?". "Sweetheart, when I say that you’re my sex-slave, I mean it, and now get your arse over here and put these cuffs on!" What choice did Fiona have? Dom’s tone had become harder with every protest of hers, and she knew it was useless to start an argument. Fiona gave in and let Dom handcuff her to the metal bed frame at the foot end, kneeling on the bed. Click. Click. This time it was the closing of the handcuffs, one on each side of the end of the bed, with her arms spread wide and her breasts hanging down. Then Dom blindfolded her. "Just for a moment!" Dom said, and Fiona heard Dom going to her closet, then taking off some of her clothes before putting on others. "You will never see me entirely naked", Dom exclaimed, as Fiona heard her being busy at the make-up table. Fiona was getting very nervous. Finally Fiona heard Dom’s steps coming back to the bed, and her blindfold was finally removed. "Time to teach you a lesson!", Dom said. Fiona looked up at her and knew she was in for it. Dom had changed into a shiny latex outfit, the top showing off her breasts. A skirt with a zipper down the front side. Her hair was now stretched back firmly and pulled into a tight knot at the back of her head. She had applied new make-up and looked much more strict now. She held a riding crop in her hand. "I know that we just have met, that you don't know me really well, and I will give you a bit of credit for that. But from now on you will learn that this outfit of mine means trouble for you, and that's exactly what you don't want. Now, sweetheart, I want you to remember one thing: I do not like your continuous protesting whenever I ask you to do something. Is that clear?" Fiona nodded. "Is that clear?" she asked, this time raising her voice. "Yes, Mistress". Fiona knew the right answer. "That's better. I really enjoy your company and friendship, but you need to know that there is another side of mine, which you don't want to see too often. Now how often have you tried to protest today, when I’ve asked you to do something for me?" "I don't know". SMACK! Fiona felt the crop burning into the flesh of her backside. "I don't know, Mistress!" "That's better. I see you are learning fast. It was twelve times today that you refused to do as I asked you" "But …" SMACK! Fiona shouted out loud. It really hurt this time. "If I were you I would not use this word too often. Now what do you think should be the punishment for twelve protests?" Fiona knew the answer, and she knew there was no use playing around, or Dom would just make it worse. "Twelve strokes, Mistress" Fiona said with tears in her eyes. "That's exactly right, dear. Now do you think you will enjoy these twelve strokes, sweetheart?" Careful now, but even she must have known the true answer. So I tried: "No, Mistress". SMACK! "Never say 'No' to me again! You will always gladly accept the punishment I have for you, do you understand?" "Yes, Mistress." "Good, because now it’s thirteen and I want you to count out each blow that I give you, and after each stroke say that you are sorry, and beg me to give you the rest of your punishment.” Dom continued delivering the punishment, and with each swish of the crop came a loud whacking noise as it landed on Fiona’s tender bottom. Fiona had really learnt her lesson, after counting out the thirteen strokes, she vowed to Dom that she would never again object to anything that her Mistress desired.

"And now I want to tell you one more thing: I know you won't believe me, but I promise you that when I am done with you in a year or so you will have swallowed more cum than the whore of Babylon, and more men will have fucked this pretty arse of yours than you can count. You will be known as the biggest slut in town and you will love to dress like a whore, pick up the guys in the bars, and get to either suck their cocks, or get yourself fucked in the men's room, because you can't wait to get home to your mistress. Trust me, it will come like that, and if I were you, I would not even try to resist. I have waited for somebody like you for years now, and had everything planned out a while ago. Trust me, I am deadly serious." This was the first time that Fiona was really scared. So far it had all been a sort of a game, Fiona thought. A bit kinky, sure, but nothing 'serious'. Dom was just having a bit of fun with her. But now Fiona was looking at this woman standing in Latex clothes in front of her with a riding crop in her hand. Fiona gazed at her with wide-open eyes, before looking at herself in the mirror on the opposite wall. Fiona was unable to recognize herself. A slut on a bed in black lace lingerie and fishnet stockings.

Dom continued to take photos with her digital camera with Fiona chained to the bed, staring into the camera with wide, unbelievable eyes, enhanced by deep-black eyeliner. Her mouth bright-red, full, glossy and half-open, ready to take in whatever comes along. "Now we will have to start preparing you for your future life." She blindfolded Fiona again and went to a drawer, where she took something out. She came back. "This will loosen you up. I don't want to hear a noise!" she warned. She reached between Fiona’s spread legs and undid the small buttons of the teddy, exposing her backside, and quickly pulled down her G-string. Fiona tried to remain calm. "It will feel a bit odd in the beginning, but soon you will get used to it." She slid something into her hole, and Fiona gasped. A butt plug. Deeper and deeper it went, widening her hole. It felt really big and hurt. "It always hurts the first time, sweetie. This is part of every woman's life, and you will have to be prepared for even the largest dicks!" Dom still had not stopped. She pushed really hard now, and it went up ever deeper inside her, wider and wider. Finally it was tailing to a thinner diameter, and she could feel her muscles closed tightly around it. This thing completely filled her out. "How does it feel?" Dom asked cheerfully. "Big", was all Fiona could manage, and Dom laughed heartily. "There will be a lot bigger ones, dear." Then I heard her busying herself in front of her at the metal frame for a while. "Surprise!", she shouted finally, as she removed her blindfolds.

Fiona stared at a full size, real-life strap-on dildo that Dom had mounted on the bed frame right in front of her. Fiona did not want to believe her eyes. "Now this is something you will have to learn, dear. Your future men will very much appreciate this. I think you know, what to do, don't you?" Fiona simply nodded, slowly taking in the extent of her words: "Yes, Mistress" "You can call me Dom again, as I really want us to be friends, and you deserve to have a good friend who guides you into the world as a woman. And now do your job, sweetie!" Fiona looked at the tip of the dildo. It looked very realistic. She hesitated. "Now don't be shy, dear, I don't want to be waiting here forever!" The dildo was 12 inches long with hair and balls attached at the end. Fiona closed her eyes and slowly approached the top. SMACK! Dom persuaded her one more time that when she wanted something done, not only could you not say no, but you couldn’t even hesitate. "Get going, I say!" Fiona pursed her lips, and forced herself to kiss it. Click. She had come very close with the camera now. Fiona stretched out her tongue and began licking the tip, with her eyes still closed. Click. Fiona tried to remember what her ex-girlfriend did, and put herself into the same situation. Fiona closed her lips over the head of the dildo and slowly took it, in and out. "Faster, dear", Fiona obeyed and accelerated her movements. In, out, in, out, her lips always firm around the object. Click, click. "And now deeper, sweetie" Fiona kept her eyes closed and forced the shaft into her mouth as far as she could. It was big and she had to open her mouth to the full extent. Fiona did not hear the clicks anymore, but she still felt that Dom was very close with her camera, following her moves. She was making a movie. In, out, in, out. Fiona could feel her breast forms bouncing with every move, giving her that "realistic" feeling that the advertisement had praised. "I want to hear some noise, or are you not enjoying this?" Fiona started to moan in her female voice, and went even faster with her movements, forcing the dildo deep down her throat, and moaning loudly. "Now all of it! Force it down!" Fiona obeyed and it stretched her throat, until she felt the balls and the hair curling on her chin. "That should do for now. You have a lot of talent, and only need to practice a bit more. But we will work on that." She finally stopped Fiona. She removed the dildo from the bed frame, and pushed some hair of Fiona’s hair back out from her face. She then showed Fiona the movie that she had made. Everything looked real. You could not even see that Fiona was sucking on a dildo fixed to the bed frame. Dom appeared to be a skilled movie maker, too.

Fiona was still handcuffed, as Dom left the room briefly to put the camera away. Only when Dom came back did she undo the handcuffs. "Thank you, Dom", Fiona was truly glad it seemed to be all over. For now, anyway. "One last favour before you go, but I am sure you will enjoy this." (Fiona seriously doubted it) "I have become quite excited during the last two hours, with you in all these poses with all that lingerie, and I fear I might not be able to sleep, unless somebody calms me down a bit." Dom sat down in a chair and slowly spread her legs, invitingly. "I wish I had a man here, but you will do, too. I have just witnessed, what you can do with this sweet mouth of yours." No need to say more. No point in protesting, either. After everything Fiona had been through since last night, this seemed to be comparatively harmless. After all, they were friends (sort of), and Dom had seen Fiona in all kinds of outfits, and doing weird stuff. Fiona had already licked out her ex-girlfriend many times before. Dressed as Fiona was in black lace lingerie, with the teddy in the crack of her arse and the fishnets pulling on the garters of her basque, Fiona crawled between Dom’s legs and slowly pulled down the front zipper of her skirt. There were no panties, and Fiona got started straight away. Dom was already very wet, as Fiona slowly explored Dom’s clit with her tongue. Dom gave a moan, so Fiona came closer, pressing her lips onto hers and began pushing her tongue deep up inside her. Dom closed her legs around her head and pushed Fiona’s head harder and harder up against her quim, moaning louder and louder. Fiona found her clit again and played with it, and Dom started low screams. Faster and faster Fiona went, with Dom’s pussy getting wetter and wetter around her and her nose stuck into her, taking in the smell. At last Dom orgasmed, and slowly calmed her breath down, but did not let go of Fiona’s head, yet. "You are great!", she finally managed to say. "I am so glad I ran into you, yesterday." Dom did not expect an answer. Fiona looked at the marks her lipstick had left on her. "Now take off this teddy and slip back into your red top and the black short skirt, I quite like that outfit. I will go and get some male clothes for you for tomorrow. But I don't want you to wear them at any time other than for work!"

Dom left the room, as Fiona slowly took off the teddy and slipped back into the skirt and the top. Fiona then went across to the full body mirror in the room, and re-arranged her hair. Her make-up was slutty, but she did not dare to ask Dom for a shower here. Fiona knew what the answer would be. Fruitlessly she pulled at the seam of her fishnet stockings to make them go around her legs and under the skirt to hide the garters. Fiona pulled down her skirt, too, but that was no good, either, as she still looked like the ultimate slut, and Dom expected her to go over to her own flat looking exactly like that. Fortunately it was dark by now, but the streetlights were merciless. Fiona was just getting ready to put on her slippers, when Dom came back into the room. "Oh no, sweetie, those slippers don't match your outfit. Take the high heels!" She was right, of course. Dom gave her a bag with a shirt and some trousers, neatly folded, and a pair of socks and shoes. "Thanks, Dom, but where is the underwear?" "Underneath, you will wear the same as this morning." Fiona understood. "And when you come home tomorrow I want you to put on some decent clothes, you hear?" Fiona did.

Fiona left Dom’s apartment dressed as she was, with the butt-plug still deep inside of her. No sunglasses this time. Dom had given Fiona back her apartment keys and car keys. Dom did not need them anymore to control her. Dom had kept the spare-key for her flat, though, like good neighbours do. Fiona took a few steps outside and felt like the slut that she probably was. Did she really suck Dom’s dildo? Did she really lick Dom out? Dom had made it sound so natural, but now this whole day seemed unreal. Maybe Fiona was dreaming and would wake up, soon. Fiona thought about the hints Dom had made about her future, and she still did not believe her. Surely Dom just wanted to intimidate her and probably got a kick out of that. Fiona crossed the walkway that went by her apartment. The same guy as this morning went by, giving her extremely interested looks. He clearly thought she was a prostitute, and lent forward to talk to her. Fiona decided to simply ignore him and made straight for her apartment. Just before she went to open the door, she changed her mind and walked up the stairs to give him the impression that she lived in the flat above her own. It worked. He walked on, looking over his shoulder several times. Fiona waited in front of the door upstairs, until he had vanished around the corner, and silently made her way down the stairs again, quickly opened her front door and stepped in. She still needed to figure out, how to get rid of that butt-plug.

What a day!

End of Part One ( 4 Chapters)

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I loved the story.I wish I could find a "dom" and become her"Fiona".I was rather hoping that Fiona would discover that Dom was a man also.Can't wait for Part Two!

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