why women act fake around there friends ????????  

FineJustice 41M
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4/5/2006 7:34 am
why women act fake around there friends ????????

WEll why i say this is because i was in this bar right,and having a good time.I notice these girls sitting together making jokes and enjoying them self's.I guess one of the girl must of seen me looking there way and informed the group.They all look at my direction so i shoot a smile and a nod of acknowledgment. I see the girls giggle and turn to them self's and start to laugh and looks like then are having fun at my expense.it didn't bother me but i did not want to be wrong ether.So i shot my way to there table and introduce myself to them,and like wise.I bought them around of drinks and joke with them well some of the group seem ok and went with the flow but,two of these women were rude and joking about me.i said some remarks but all that did was to put more wood on the fire.Well i had enough of it kindly excused myself and went to another part of the bar.
i guess like 2 hours went by and i found myself back at the bar instead of a table .I look over to where the girls were sitting and they had left another hour passed and i was returning from dancing with some lady.
i see the one girl from the group that had so much to say,was now coming my why .when she reached me she said would you mind if i bought you a drink and you forget how i acted earlier.I said shore and off we went to the bar.Ordered our drinks and while we waited for the drinks and drank them we talk.She told me that she did like the why i came off but her friends think to much of her and she didn't want them to see that she like big men.I told her all is forgiving and no need to explain ,but she said she wanted to because she wanted to know if i would be interested in going to her place where we could talk better and it would be Quieter .i agreed and off we went .....................................................................well all i can say is that she made me a believer that she was sorry for the why she acted ......(But why a the fake stuff in front of her girls all it did was kill time ))))))))))).............

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