Waking up too some fun  

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4/25/2006 1:58 am

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Waking up too some fun

Well this takes place a few years back when i was still married.

I was working hard at my job and when ever there was over time i took it.Well i go home on these nights not able to play with the kids or watch TV some times not even eat.just take a quick bath and to bed. My wife and i had arguments
about me not spending time with her and the kids.
I told her we need it the cash and i was not trying to iggy them.She did understand,but still wanted more. Just didn't know how much more.
Well it was a friday.I went at lunch time to cash my check and ate something.I returned to work and my boss came to me and,ask me if i could stay another shift.I told him i was thinking of going out with the family tonight.He said he didn't have a soul to fill in could i do this favor for him.we'll i agreed.
I called my wife at our home and, let her know i would be working a double. Which was not the best thing cause she gave it to me over the phone.She wanted to make me feel like the size of an ant and with her pricing words it work.
I still gave my word so i work the double.
It was 12:30 AM when i left the job and,was on my way home.I say it must have been like 2:00 am When i finally walk through that door of our home.I undressed quietly headed to the showier.Then off to bed everyone was asleep including my wife.Got under the sheet quietly and off to dream land i went.
I was dreaming i was fucking this girl.I see behind the window of the check cashing place.She's riding me hard & harder nice size 34c firm with silver dollar nipples bouncing in my face.She slows down and lets me suck on her nipples while she winds clock wise and counter clock wise on my dick.She leans forward and we embrace one another dancing with our tongs.I feel her readying herself to cum and i feel the same.she puts her hands on my shoulder and,rides my for all it's worth and we build up that climax.she's screaming and i feel it rushing through me I'm cum ming I'm cum ming at that second .i feel a strong pressure lift off my body and it awakens me to my wife jumping off me to suck up my cum .
I was in shock and could not say a thing.I was stuck in two different states,one being dream land and ,the reality that it was my wife doing me while i slept.while i recovered and my wife was cleaning my up with her hot ass mouth
and boy did she do a cleaning. She came to me and said it looks like all of you is wake now and do you want to go for round two??? I look down at my self and seen i was rock hard like i never came.I look at my wife and told her she a naughty girl.She said we'll i got sick of arguing so i just took what she wanted and hope i didn't get mad.I told her she need to be spanked for it ,and her reply was it didn't bother you and you ready for another i thick i found a new game!!!!!!!!

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