Why do men do that?  

FillmeCreampie 36F
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3/28/2006 8:15 pm

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3/31/2006 8:48 am

Why do men do that?

This has been eating at me. In bi guys I understand it, in str8 men I don't.

Why are you showing me pics of your ass? Is it supposed to get a rise out of me? Do you think that there is something new and inventive I can do with it to bring me pleasure?

WTF is up with that? Torso I understand..chest I understand.. but ass? Without cock?

If you want female attention, why would you show your ass over your cock? It seems counterproductive to me. The male ass doesnt hold the same symbolism as the female derriere to the male.. so please tell me.. what is your goal heterosexual gents in showing me your ass?

and I tell ya, dont try to help the newbies males either. Justwantsex69 just told me that he is saving his cock for SERIOUS INQUIRIES...

which I'm wondering HOW he will attain that with an ass and a chest pic?

He tells me that in order to have a good physical interaction one must be into the others WHOLE BODY. Umm...

since WHEN is your body naught but your ass and pecs? You arent making any sense buddy!

Pgh ladies are tough customers, and from what I hear from the men on this site (burgh and elsewhere) that its really hard to get laid here. Ive noticed something though...

most of these guys have profiles that arent drawing enough attention.. or there is something there that would cause a female to decide against initiating contact.

It could be smoking...
It could be marital status..

but often the pics arent there.. or just arent adequate to even garner enough interest to send an email.

Ladies.. what do you think about this? Gents?

Its time to take it to the polls.

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