Twice is definitely not as nice  

FillmeCreampie 36F
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3/28/2006 7:46 pm
Twice is definitely not as nice

Number six and I met up again tonight... and I have to say that I'm disappointed.

He wasn't as hard...
My pussy got no face time...
and worst of all...

I didn't cum. UNACCEPTABLE!

What ever happpened to sexual ettiquette? A woman should cum at least once before penetration... and a man should never cum before he ensures a woman gets her pleasure. Oy ve... he is a nice guy.. but where has the generation gone? Tonight.. he admits to not being into oral sex..

WHAT?!.. that wasn't on your profile Mr.

uh huh... *shaking head* but this is what I get for going against my better judgement..

Twice is definitely not as nice. The excitement is gone.. the newness is gone.. and the sex is never as good.

At least I didnt have to be mean and kick him out, after promising a round 2 that his penis was obviously not up to task for, he asked me if I minded if he left.

I was relieved I was so goddamn bored. He wanted to be chatty cathy with me. Dude..

when you don't seal your end of the deal.. the LAST thing you should do is be chatty cathy. You should have been eating the shit outta my pussy.. jacking ya dick for round 2... or just kept quiet if you couldnt save face.

I should have said all of that to his face, but for once I didnt feel like being utterly blunt and borderline cruel. So I let it pass...let him leave...

but he fucked up.. and as such forfeits the pleasure of my company. I need oral sex everytime.. and I need to cum..EVERYTIME.

So no need to beat around that bush. I didnt join AdultFriendFinder to become the Angel of the mercy fuck. Oh HELLZ NO!

Too late to prowl, so off to masturbation land I go. I'll play cowgirl tonight.

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