Third times a charm  

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2/15/2006 11:08 am

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Third times a charm

Batter up!!

Nineand_Strong: Cute delectable local that lived practically a stone throw from me. We likely would have passed each other in the street and not known what could have been truly hot and heavy between us. Well...

that didn't happen. He was in my love nest, wanting to fulfill his black girl fantasy. As such, I had to represent for the sistas out there-- and throw down.

He was sweet in his compliments as I showered him with my special brand of attentiveness. I really liked the abrasiveness of his kisses due to his prickly stubble so I kept nipping and sucking his lips. I don't know about you ladies out there, but there is something about stubble that makes me feel like I am with someone incredibly manly and virile. Yum.

We were doubling as each others lunches so we went straight for the main event, and boy could I feel him deep inside me as I rode him. This is why I need men with big dicks... they reach my hot spot in no time flat. Plus he did one of my favorite things.. suck my nipples while I'm riding the dick. Men should always do that, it makes the orgasm so much more intense. Cheers to this man. He is the 1st one on AdultFriendFinder to give me a vaginal orgasm. Cheers!

Moving on..

We went on to fuck doggy style, but with my tight pussy he went over the hill not too long after and busted a huge one. My pussy was so pleased.

Needless to say, he will never look at another black woman the same way again. Look out for his testimonial on my profile.

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