The Sunshine State  

FillmeCreampie 36F
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3/24/2006 2:00 am
The Sunshine State

I have just returned from a much needed vacation in Florida. It was so beautiful that I was loathe to leave it in all its blue skied bright splendor, but the familiar call of the unfabulous 'burgh brought me back to tie up my loose ends.

And to reopen the love nest. Some friends dont know when enough is enough. She went back to her fiancee and they are going to work it out. Right...

but she cant watch him every second ya dig?

Anyway, back to the sunshine state. Its not only about Florida, but the way I have been feeling ever since I knew about going back to the big apple. HAPPY and ECSTATIC like the future is limitless.

Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed the pleasures I've gotten from this site. You loyal readers have tuned in to my adventures thus far and can see that for yourselves--

but this city isn't for singles, so it's way easier to live a normal single gal's life in a place where the single men are aplenty. Oh.... that thirtyWONDERFUL feeling comes to mind.

Plus, I'm one of those that can truly appreciate the anticipation that builds with prolonged interaction. I love dating-- the verbal and mental foreplay the ensues before the bedroom. I enjoy teasing and light touching...kissing-- treating men like a ball of yarn and having them do the same. Drives me nuts. The process of getting to bed is half the fun.

Glad to be getting my process back.


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