The Simple Life  

FillmeCreampie 36F
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7/10/2006 6:34 pm

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The Simple Life

I run in circles where people are extremely successful and their lifestyles reflect it. I have yet to put my time in to attain their level of opulence, but I don't really know if that is what I want necessarily.

I had a conversation earlier with my friend M, who has been down the road I have been before and has now "arrived" to the point where he is now enjoying his life-- and rightly so. A condo.. convertible... a vacation house in a posh area.. and all the things of the "golden people". I don't begrude him of it one iota, but it had me thinking about how I saw myself in relation to the professional and potential financial successes I am to gain through the years.

Will I still want my simple life?

Allow me to explain: My parents and their families immigrated here with nothing so I basically know a lot about poverty and struggle. Everyone in my house worked, and for a short time we lived communally in a one bedroom apartment. Family members went to school, got educated... then jobs.... more money... things got better over time to where my mom was able to provide me with opportunities and a good education. Life was definitely not peachy, but it was beautiful it its simplicity. We had what counted-- although not everything we needed.

Ta dah! Here I am-- sophisticated, educated and well-bred, swimming in higher circles. I am in no way intimidated by them at all because I've been in million dollar homes and I have ridden in fancy cars. I know how to carry myself in any and all situations..but I can't help but think that my yearning for the simple life will fade and I won't remember my love for the Spanish bodegas with the arroz con pollo, 25 cent italian ices, or even playing street football with my childhoood crew in the Bronx. When I was in the south, one of my favorite pastimes was going to the Walmart because it was the major hangout in the small town I lived in going into my late teens.

Corny-- I know, but all of these things brought me pleasure. That and wearing those coochie cutter shorts that were hot back in the 90's... man my legs looked awesome in those pants...

Anyway... I think its good that I think on these things so that way I will never lose touch with the real me no matter how high I get in the world. Enjoy all that I can while finding that medium where I dont feel as if I'm trading myself in for a newer version and a better life. The simple life is still as good a life as it has been.

With some alterations.

spacecadet561 60M

7/10/2006 8:21 pm

Congratulations on having made some progress up the social and economic ladders. Wherever you go, don't forget your roots. You could wind up back at them someday through no fault of your own.


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