Swingers and Lovers  

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5/7/2006 7:40 pm

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Swingers and Lovers

For my last wild weekend in Pittsburgh before going off apt hunting, I decided to visit the only swingers club in the area--The Swingers Palace. I took a girlfriend along with me to break the ice. We were both new to the club, and curious.

Well... that was all short-lived.

We stayed maybe 2 hrs before we realized that we were the catch of the day and that there was noone there we wanted to fuck or watch fuck. Besides us, we were wondering where the beautiful people were--but knowing that they likely weren't showing up. It was just a bunch of over the hill (and some overweight) couples/single men (well, there was only ONE single guy there) who were all very nice and personable..but it as obvious that nothing was going down on my end, so my friend and I snuck up to the upstairs bathroom and called my other friend.

One of my lovers--you all know him as my maiden voyage on AdultFriendFinder-- 6969dave6969

He had actually wanted me to come to a party with in Youngstown, OH where the AFFers from that area were meeting up. I had declined all the way up early yesterday, because I was so caught up in finally seeing what a swingers club looks like.

Bah.. when we spoke again I was in the bathroom of course, praying for a phone signal while my homegirl took a piss. LMAO...

After explaining how miserable I was he laughed, perked up and gave me the directions. Success!

We moved so fast to get out of that place that I think they barely noticed we left. Thank God--we didnt wanna know what would happpen if thet knew token black hottie and her luscious white friend were leaving. No hostage situation needed here.

So an hour and a half later we end up in Ohio, and for a first time OH visiter like me, I didnt think that it was so much different from PA. Youngstown is a lot smaller than Pittsburgh though, so we navigated through easily to reach the club. 6969dave6969 called during the drive to make sure that I was on my way. I thought that he would have been prowling and unconcerned about me, with all the other females up and about. Oh yeah.. one thing.

My girlfriend has no idea about any of this. AdultFriendFinder, my sexual perversions, nada. She thinks I met 6969dave6969 randomly and that we date off and on.

You all know that this isn't true, but you all also know about necessary evils. Plus, dave is harmless..out of the bedroom. However, because of what I said, she dared to ask the question.

"So, you sure you aren't going to get jealous when you see him dancing with other women?"

I had to smile and laugh as I said no, since I have no hold on Dave-- and vice versa, but she didnt know the nature of our relationship.

We approach the club and I call Dave on my cell to let him know we had arrived, but since the music was pumping I figured that he wouldn't hear his phone--and likely our paths wouldn't cross tonight. My girl and I stepped into the club and made it to the bar as my phone rang.

It was Dave.. looking for me.

Alright, I saw Dave, we hugged and kissed cheeks. I introduced him to my friend and they got along instantly. This led us to the dance floor, we were all danced together. Dave was holding me especially close at times.. and patting my butt,

Partly in appreciation
Partly in lust
and possibly some possessiveness.

I didnt think that the last part could have been possible, but I found out quickly that it could be...

When I started dancing with another man.

He was an AFFer from Ohio and wore the pink wristband (which meant you were a part of the AdultFriendFinder party). I wore no band, so he didnt know me from Adam. He was jut intrigued watching me dance in my black halter dress with my hair long and flowing down my back. My sex appeal called to him.

We danced, me challenging him with my moves and him simply enjoying the process. My girl was dancing with Dave in my stead--who just couldn't stop turning his head to see where I was with my new chocolate boy toy.

How I moved with him, smiled at him, my physical closeness to him. At one point, Dave and the guy had eye contact, exchanged dialogue and fiercely shook hands. I have no idea what Dave said to him, but I ended up shooing the guy off not too much later because he wasn't really my type-- and we had danced one too many. I didn't want him to think he had a chance.

Dave relaxed I suppose, and my girl disappeared for a minute and I was once again in his arms dancing, smiling and laughing. I won't lie and say that it wasnt nice to be focused on because it is.

I liked that he waited for me
I liked the idea that he possibly not like seeing me dance with other men
I liked that he made me feel beautiful and totally sexy.
Without saying, I always enjoy it when he holds me.

Our position in regards to each other is comfortable, and I couldnt ask anything more of it, but it was lovely to hang out with my lover out of bed-- and not have him try to get me to bed, but enjoy me just for the company.

Quite a nouveau experience. Even when we kissed it was different-- less tumultuous and needy,it more sweet and kind (but with tongue).

My girlfriend and I left a few hours later to return to Pittsburgh. It was already my birthday, and I had spent the 1st hours of it in a state that I had never been in, and with a man whom I had definitely been with, but seen in a different light. He was a true gentleman with a sense of rhythm who could kiss me like a starved man and also kiss me softly and sweetly. Even my homegirl teased me: "I guess I was right about the jealous thing, but in reverse." LMAO...

Surprise, surprise indeed.

It seems like lovers can be full of them.

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5/7/2006 8:29 pm


I hope this gets in under the midnight wire...I almost missed it...I hope your day was awesome...have a great week!!!

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