Seven Up  

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4/1/2006 11:21 pm
Seven Up

Special delivery folks! *drum roll*


My Lord it was so good that I had a severe case of the munchies afterwards. I EARNED MY FOOD REWARD though. I had burned plenty of calories sweating and using all sorts of muscles in this glorious total body workout. *pops a pepperoni into her mouth* Hmmm...

I have an oral fixation and I'm damn proud of it.

GirlOnTop was too....

We met in an unusual way, meaning I did not seek him out like I do with the rest of the men I've been with via emails and overtures for pleasure. He found me and we took it from there. Converting from email to my love nest took less than 12 hrs. Nothing like fast service eh?

So I lay eyes on this guy and he is adorable! Sexy too with his days worth of stubble (you all know I love the feel of a little shadow). His nervousness was obvious at 1t because he stood a distance from me, but at my beckoning he obediently closed the gap to kiss me. I meet another man who kisses me the way I like--slow and deliberate. My mouth feels like the succulent peach it truly is as he suckles and kisses me soundly. We touch... grope.. and grind (yes.. a little presex dry hump action)before we strip down to nothing. This man gave me a little sweet torture by kissing me u and down my body.

Ladies: He went below the bellybutton.. and kissed all around the thigh... my pussy lips..

but not my pussy... OY torture!!

and then he'd swoop in and tongue/suck the hell out of it.

He went on like that for minutes.. u my body.. down... pelvic torture.. then SWOOP. Had this pussy so ready for anything it was ridiculous.

Payback is a bitch though... and you all KNOW that I never do anything by half.

I sucked and deepthroated the shit out of him. He gasped in surprise as I pushed him onto his back and engulfed him into my mouth till he hit the back of my throat. Indulged my testicle fetish too..

Ah men... dont they know I have skills? The testimonials can't all be bullshit.

Not too long after I was on my back again and swiftly penetrated. My pussy was so hot with all the torture that I came not too long after. He felt so good and deep inside of me that my pussy tightened and pulsed around him in an effort to kee him seated. I could tell that this was affecting him since he kept changing angles. He wasnt ready to cum yet he was enjoying it so. Me too. We fucked for a good while before he came--
His stamina impressed me. You all know wwith my pussy, the men dont last too long.

We immediately went for round 2.. and I rode him like I was Grace Jones. I was primal.. I was ruthless... rough and brazen.

My pussy sucked out the rest of his cream..his energy too. Like a modern day Rogue I was energized while he was beat. He expressed his pleasure and I was pleased. The afterglow was spent having what turned out to be a really good convo about the old days when cartoons and video games were SO DAMN GOOD. We prolly could have went for round 3, but the munchies hit me and he was drained, so we decided to pause tonights session.

Voila! Pgh has done it again.. my pussy is sated.

Seven has always been my lucky number... so perhaps....

To be continued (?)

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