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6/29/2006 2:51 pm

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Like Whoa

Yesterday I experienced something for the first time in my life. I thought that it would never happen to me-- and I prided myself on keeping my nose clean. But....

I found myself intensely attracted to a married man.

WTF!? We both work together at my new gig and when I 1st met him my heart skipped a beat because he looked like someone I already knew--

A guy who at first I wasnt feeling, but who I now hunger for. Perhaps because our time has passed and we never consummated our lust my hunger has not yet abated. Perhaps thats why I find myself attracted to this particular man. He looks s much like the man who began setting off triggers in me a few months ago.

So what right? I'm attracted to the married guy. Big fucking deal right? Yeah.. I know thats what you are thinking. It would be the case,

if it was one-sided. He was flirting with me yesterday. We glanced, outright stared, smiled... smirked at one another. He was even bold enough to come over and put on my glasses as I placed them on my desk. Get your OWN glasses dude!

and I would fuck the hell out of him without thinking.

Normally I wouldnt even entertain that bullshit since I believe in getting a man that can be had. The free ones. I dont homewreck, but my Lord...I was feeling too hot for my own good yesterday.

It made me come down off my high horse, and I now totally understand how people could tango with those in relationships. You arent thinking about the consequences-- or the hubby/wife you are cluckholding.

All you see is the other person
Your mind is filled with tunnelvision style lust..
you on top...
on your back....
the side...

In your mind you have already committed the act several times over and your body is itching for the physical manifestation.

God damn the true object of my lust to the lowest depths of hell. I've fucked up.

So now I have to try and purge the demons... and find a better focus for all this energy. I've wasted too much time--but never again. Time to brush myself off.. and get back in the saddle..

ride another dick.

and no... not the married kind.

mikewv1967 49M

6/29/2006 4:02 pm

Good for you that you experienced something that many before you have and you can now say that you have walked in someone elses shoes. As you said, you can get off your high-horse.

Why is it that the forbidden fruit is often the most tasty?

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