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3/24/2006 7:04 pm

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Hot Six

Ladies and gents.. may I present for your reading pleasure--

Junior 964

Sex with a biker dude: check
Sex with a tattooed guy: check

Again, perusing the "who is online" option never fails as I am in constant pursuit of the next best thing out there. I see and bypass all the regular names that I had no interest in... and voila!

I see a nice thick juicy dick that I've never seen before. Another newbie!

Just in the nick of time too, I was so horny that I couldnt think straight. You all know I've been quiescent for a while. My pussy needed to cum BAD.

So me and my wanton pussy tailed Junior to a chatroom he was in-- and made a ruckus. Well, all I had to do was say I wanted to have fun post haste and with a name and pics like mine... I got what I wanted. Sweet.

So he was at the love nest in 30 mins looking cute as a button in his jeans and cord jacket--smelling like Polo Sport. Ahh..

As I said, my pussy was pulsing for dick so I straddled him to begin the onslaught of kisses. His mustache tickled my lips as we both suckled and tongued each other. We switched positions so he could savor my breasts and pussy. God I was so slick and slippery, even before he orally pleasured me. Hmmm...

My innards pulsed with anticipation as I stroked the object of my desire. He was rock hard and I could feel the steeliness of it as he entered me missionary style. We bucked and grinded against one another as the air filled with the scent of rough sex and heavy breathing. The fact that he was so hard and long allowed him to fuck me deeply and he did it so well that my pussy came quickly. I cried out as I felt the orgasm radiate from my center upwards to my pelvis. Junior fucked me harder and so my pussy spasmed even more to increase my pleasure. Of course, the fact that I tightened my pussy around him made him cum not too long after.

His breathing was so rough and disorderly that I thought he was going to have a heart attack on me. lol... but I love it when men show me that they are affected by my 'loving'. It's so hot.

Our brief afterglow consisted of chatting about various topics after which he dressed to leave. He was going to the Southside to hang out with friends, and I had to finish sprucing up the house for an event I'm having tomorrow. I told him I was leaving the 'burgh for good in a few months and he expressed his desire to see me again.

so there you have it: hot sex in six. Maybe number seven is on the horizon.

AdultFriendFinder is so unpredictable that way.

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