Fact vs. Fiction  

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2/16/2006 1:23 pm

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Fact vs. Fiction

This is going to make me sound like an asshole, but this is my blog so suck it up.

What is up with a lot of the men on this site calling themselves hung or well-endowed? Did someone not explain to you that 6 inches was average? 7 is rarely impressive sweetie unless you are bringing the thickness to compensate.

Well-endowed is 8 inches or better gentlemen. It is a determination based on LENGTH and not thickness.

Counting your balls in the measurement is simply unsporting... and cheating. *ha* You start from the base of the shaft and measure until you reach the tip of the penis.

Ladies, have a tough time measuring? Quick rule of thumb?

If a man's penis reaches his navel, he is at least 8 inches. The majority will only arrive at the point between the navel and the pubic bone..which is the average penis size. Ladies, from personal experience, you know what sizes work for you and what doesnt. Don't let these guys on here bamboozle you into a mercy fuck. You have so much more control on this website. Use it.

I'm not Godiva, but I dont tell untruths. You totally know what you're getting into.

Ah... Cest La Vie....

There are just not enough well-endowed men to go around.

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