Eight was not enough  

FillmeCreampie 36F
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4/16/2006 10:34 pm
Eight was not enough

Remind me to never again put sex on the clock. There is never enough time to do anything. His sexy talk coaxed me into it. lol..

I didn't cum (huge bummer)

but I did get to check a few things off of the list.

1. I rode a face (and got oral every which angle possible)
2. I was rimmed (OMG...woo hoo!)
3. I reciprocated (he was clean.. and it was an ok experience. He almost had a seizure though. Another potential weapon in my sexual bag of tricks?)

He let me tickle his prostate which no one has let me do in ages! God I wish more men would shut the hell up about the anal stigma and put their nerve endings to good use. I mean really, your orgasm could improve by 500%! Male anatomy and physiology proves it. SO there.

I have no idea why I expect the men who claim to have stamina to actually have it once they get inside of me. I know its bullshit, so I should never believe it. I suppose I could warn them-- but they can read testimonials cant they? Incredibly tight means...

INCREDIBLY TIGHT!! He gave me maybe 10 mins of penetration give or take which felt wonderful.... but I could see his look of shock and awe when he spontaneously busted. LMAO...

I've almost come to look for that particular face now. So amusing.

Time constraints and studious commitments prevented him from sealing his end of the deal. Profuse apologies ensued. He thought that I had cum from all of the oral because my pussy was soo wet. Umm...

You are licking me dude..so I will get turned on.. and hence.. WET PUSSY.

Since when did wet pussy equate with orgasm?

FYI Pghlawstudent25....

I have a very distinctive cry of pleasure when I cum. It's throaty, wanton, and very loud. OBVIOUS in nature too.

You will never have to guess my pleasure.. you will hear it and (if my pussy squeezes the hell out of you) feel it.

Due to the leaving me in the anorgasmic lurch I told him that he wouldn't be invited back again. You all know how I feel about being the "angel of mercy fuck". I dont sign up willingly for that.

He apologized profusely (again) and asked me to reconsider. I dunno tho..

not cumming is a huge deal. I mean, why else would I have you over? To give him credit tho...

I had fun and got to check things off the list.

Does that necessarily win him a return trip back to the love nest?

If he has read this, I doubt he would want it so much now. *lol*

Ladies and gents, I want you to weigh in anyway. Poll time!

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