During the layover  

FillmeCreampie 36F
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7/6/2006 7:10 pm

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During the layover

Random thought here...

No one stays on AdultFriendFinder forever, so where do these people go? On to relationships? Other sex sites? Celibacy (God forbid...lol)??

More importantly, where do people see themselves in the context of this website? For me, I see AdultFriendFinder as more of a layover station. I am not in a relationship nor have I been for some time now. Sometimes I think that decision was made by choice, and other times I think that my single state is a direct reflection of me allowing my personal life to falter in favor of a brisk, more successful career.

Whatever the reason is, I'm still a hot-blooded woman with physical needs. Those needs drove me here to AdultFriendFinder. This site makes things so easy for a girl-- although you run the danger of men assuming you are some easy floozy. This is hilarious to me because in the real world I am above reproach and nothing but 100% lady. Noone knows of this deviant side that I have and I like it that way-- its safer that way, but at times even I get tired of the grind.

I get horny.. lonely...and a myriad of other things. AdultFriendFinder only takes care of the horny toad, so where do I place my other emotions?

In a lockbox for safekeeping, until the layover ends and the realness begins.

So what about you? What does AdultFriendFinder mean to you?

rm_azeotropic 62M

7/6/2006 7:45 pm

We all come from different stops in life. Some are true to the life, others curious, while others are users of the rest of us. My stop was with my wifes death. We had discussed this life prior to her illness. Even during she suggested that I try with out her. After, and with some time and thought, I decided wasn't ready to give up this part of living. Since I had found a life partner, I decided this lifestyle was appropriate. I'm not trying to replace her, its just a different side of the road I'm now stopped at.

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