Dude, you are sooo not my daddy ok?  

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2/25/2006 9:15 pm

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Dude, you are sooo not my daddy ok?

I'm 25, so I get that to most people I'm young... but really I'm not stupid. I gave up that right after I graduated from college and started living the life of a responsible adult. So please bradpgh.. stop tripping..

So, this guy is seemingly new to the site and I thought that we could possibly get together on the fly for fun. Here's the kicker though...

I hate to preplan meetings (unless its a repeat) and prefer to fuck on the fly. I'm horny now, and I wanna fuck now-- not tomorrow or a week from today. NOW!

So I was being honest, letting Brad know how I deal-- and that I honestly couldn't say when I'd express my interest in him again. This site continues to evolve, and my sexual desires and hungers change with the selection offered me. I am not like most women-- I have a more masculine POV when it comes to sex.

I guess Brad didn't appreciate it as we continued to discuss our POV's via email. Almost every other comment he made he felt he had to apologize for:

" I dont mean to sound condescending" or
"I dont mean it like that"

I never accused him of anything of the sort.. yet he proceeded to call me a revolving door.. a girl that's going over her head...LOL.. the bullshit was pungent. See the backhandedness here?

Well, let me inform you of general courtesies of AdultFriendFinder email:

1. Anyone who has to apologize so profusely for something they claim they didnt mean, likely meant it- but its just a way to self-validate. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

2. Don't take the high road if someone isnt into what you are saying by belittling them (treating them like some wet behind the ears youngin). I get that you have kids, but I'm not your child.

The sad thing is, that he really seemed like he was a decent guy... but he ended up doing the double standard thing.

Why is it ok for men to be frank and fuck on the fly, but women have to sit, wait, and preplan?

If I was a man, I'd be cheered on for my primal, detached tactics. No woman is worth wasting time on without 1st proving her worth..

yet when I believe the same of men.. it's no longer okay. There must be something automatically 'wrong' with me. LMAO..

Since when did this site become so complicated? That just goes to show you...

Things do get personal here, and everyone is open to judgement.. although misplaced, as we all (by joining this site)are participating in something that if our general assembly discovered, would NOT approve of. We hide behind this site and live out our fantasies in secret.

So who are we to judge each other? Who are you to judge me Brad?

LOL.. so I guess after this, you will take your "nice girl" comment back too. It's all good though..

I'm not a girl anyway... I'm a woman.

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