"That's why God gave me two hands" :Twice as nice.  

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4/5/2006 8:46 pm

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"That's why God gave me two hands" :Twice as nice.

Ladies and gents, I have lied to you. It's the 1st time, so please forgive me for deviating from my normal straightforward 'tude.

Twice can certainly be nice.

I've just finished getting the orgasmic life sucked out of me by PghDemo88 who incidentally crowned me the mayor of the Pittsburgh division of AdultFriendFinder at the same time I crowned him master of orality. He could have easily been a reptile in a previous life.

That tongue.. oh lord that tongue.

But you have heard all of this before, so how DID he get back to the love nest for a second audition? AH....

America Online of course.

I was shifting in and out of consciousness when I suddenly receive an IM. Two 60 minute long sessions of kickboxing left me feeling the pain. I was sore all over. I was less than up to anything. I could barely hold my legs open without getting a charley horse. I hurt.

Yet Mr. Demo tempted me...

Him: "So lay back and just relax. Let me tongue that pussy."

Me: Dude.. I can't even hold my legs open right now. I'm no lazy chick yanno. I'm Jamaican.. I gotta work--even in bed.

Him: "That's why God gave me TWO hands."
Demo cracked me up with that line and I laughed out loud. He was going to hold my legs...lol. Too cute.

So for making me laugh and smile he won a ticket to the love nest. I popped a few calcium pills in hopes of preventing complete muscle spasm.


I love the fact that he lives 10 mins away because I hate waiting and I like the whole concept of easy access. So he was here in a jiffy and I was already naked and waiting in my robe-- my normal house attire. I mean really, why be all dressed up to lie in bed?

So we chat a bit before getting down to business. It was on as he ate the hell out of my pussy. Such a damn tease he is. If I was close to cumming he would change up on me a bit to keep me on the edge. God it felt so damn good and he was down there at least 30 minutes worshipping my mound of Venus.

As promised, he used the 2 hands God gave him to caress and hold my body. I like a man that appreciates my lushness ya dig?

My appreciation extended to cumming hard and fast into his mouth despite a growing leg cramp. I shake it off to lay him on his back because I couldnt resist licking his hardness. I mean.. he was hard the last time.. but this was like steel. PERFECT CONDITIONS FOR VAGINAL ORGASMS... like morning wood quality dick.

We women LIVE for that sort of dick. It's yummy.

He is eager to be inside me so I dont linger too long before I straddle him to receive his long stroke. Long, fat and very stiff a good fucking makes.... I love it when my pussy is stretched and filled by dick.

So we fuck and fuck... oh yeah and fuck. I promised not to use my pussy muscles for evil so instead of suffocating his dick.. I was just tight. It still made no difference. Just ask him. It felt too good not to cum, so he did.

So audience... I lied. Sometimes twice is just as nice...

could lead one to believe that three times is a charm....

and Demo? You were right buddy... my body definitely isn't as sore anymore.

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