Serpent In My Garden  

FiestyRedhead08 46F
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8/5/2006 7:19 pm
Serpent In My Garden

Engorged with hunger, the flames of lust lick my skin as I am consumed with my desire for that which is forbidden. My fantasies flash like lightening's twisted filaments before my mind's eye blinding me to all but lurid images I dare not speak of. The blistering white hot heat between us has seared my brain in the boiling juices of insanity and no amount of civility can tame passion's quickening of my blood. Held captive to the primative command within my flesh, I find myself bargaining with my cerebrum for a release that I cannot have and cannot trust.

So I lay sleepless staring into the obsidian abyss, feeling every inch of my body burn like a piece of raw metal cast into the forge of carnal knowledge. I fruitlessly wish to unknow what I know, but my cells' memories sing their siren song reminding me of every pleasure I've ever felt with you. Every sense blazes in answer to the encoding of my DNA, commanding me to surrender to my sex. Surrounded and outnumbered, I am fallen to a legion of neurons firing in the most basic need and no amount of reasoning can quell the craving I feel no matter how false it may be.

I can feel the pulse and thrum between my thighs and a plumb colored flush creeps across my flesh as inhibition easily sidesteps the crumbling boundaries my shyness set forth. Instead, a silken voice inside my head whispers I am awake and it will never let me sleep without quenching the thirst that makes the bud of my clitoris harden beneath its throbbing hood. You have done this to me, so easily awakened my sexuality with a well placed phrase in an otherwise innocent conversation.

You are the serpent in my garden seducing my innocence and I will not invite the devil in simply because he knocks. I vow to double my resistence and squeeze the thick muscles of my thighs to shut them tightly against the passionate advances of my fantasies. I will not yield to the devil inside my head. The clever baseness of biology is not so easily thwarted by my mind's dictates and instead my nipples knot into rosy erections as the rough fabric of the sheets shoots tingles from the friction to the fluttering muscles of my...

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