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8/4/2006 9:41 pm

Once upon a time there was a wayward girl who needed the firm guidance of a strong man in her life. The fearless redhead looked high and low for such a mortal but the lass only met big bad wolves in her travels. One day while wandering alone in the woods, Miss Fortune came across the Devil sitting on a stump throwing stones at toadstools. He asked little Miss Fortune where she was going and she smiled and said she was looking for Trouble and asked if he'd seen Him.

Having chosen the form of a warrior mortal, the Devil wore his mane of long dark hair pulled back into a ponytail. He stood over the girl cloaked in the garb of night which fit like a second membrane revealing the Light Bearer's gladiator physique. The Prince of Darkness smiled with his dark blue eyes ablaze with all forms of wickedness. He pulled the girl into the waiting arms of Hell and introduced himself as Lucifer and said he did indeed know Trouble personally and would be happy to show her the quickest way to that realm.

The Devil smiled his best "trust me" smile and offered his arm to the little girl which she took trusting she would not be led astray. The young girl and the handsome demon walked through the forest for hours until they found a moonlit glade and stopped to rest. Lucifer invited Miss Fortune to relax and offered her several lemon drops to ease her fears as he charmed her with tales of battles of the ancient past. The Devil has a sense of humor, as we all know, and he speaks with a forked tongue which flicks across his perfect teeth like a crimson serpent slipping over a row of gleaming white skulls.

Miss Fortune's heart raced as the Devil leaned in to her and in the course of his story grabbed a fist full of her flaming red hair. The demon's eyes turned midnight blue like a storm rising on the ocean as he pulled Miss Fortune's head back to reveal the pulse at the base of her throat. Of course, the Devil released his hold on Miss Fortune because it was after all only a story, and demons can be quite cunning creatures when it suits their purpose. He laughed a rich earthy laugh as Miss Fortune nearly lost her footing when he released her.

Miss Fortune felt quite certain she may have miscalculated her safety in the company of the Fallen Angel. It is not often Innocence and Wickedness collide without Innocence falling to her knees before the onslaught of Sin.

Miss Fortune found herself unaware of the time that passed as the handsome Dark Angel entertained her with his tricks and slight of hand. Being the ruler of Hell itself, the Dark One knew both the pleasures of intrigue and well placed possibility as graced by his clever words and devastating charm.

Miss Fortune fell against the chisled form of the Prince of Darkness and he caught her against him dragging the panting breath from her lungs, and swept her onto her feet leading her by the devil's hand in the small of her back to a chariot of glossy blue and black trimmed in gleaming silver. Lucifer's chariot stood 'neath a mossy tree half-hidden in the shadows. Six black horses with manes of azure fire stood still as statues save the glowing of their black eyes awaiting the bidding of their master.

The blue-eyed demon offered his hand to Miss Fortune helping her cross the thresh-hold from earth to sky. In the shadows the demon's eyes gleamed like magnesium flames and he exposed a ferral smile as Miss Fortune soon realized the error of her ways. She had placed herself altogether willingly in a place of peril with no method to escape without the permission of the Dark Prince.

It would seem the demon had no intension of releasing Miss Fortune into the cool night air without taking what he desired from her. Yet the immortal mind prefers the submission of the mortal mind for that taken by seduction is so much the sweeter than that taken by sheer force, and thus it pleased him to confound the lady until she begged.

And beg she did, for the demon set a fire within her body so fierce as to consume her resistence in the blink of an eye. Miss Fortune's blood boiled and her heart raced, and she tilted her head to receive the demon's lips which ravished her own with the skill of a rogue until at last the girl moaned with longing for that which she could not name.

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