Prince and more Prince!  

Fermin_Grillo 41M
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6/18/2006 2:44 pm
Prince and more Prince!

Took me a few days to put it in here, but Thursday and Friday were incredibly awesome days.

I'll give you the quick rundown:

Thursday, I went to the opening concert of the Celebrate Brooklyn series. 28 years strong, it is the premiere open air concert series in the city. (Central Park Summerstage, notwithstanding). It was a phenomenally funky performance by Maceo Parker. After the last number, the crowd stayed for what we thought would be a normal encore. A friend noticed as they were setting up that the band was totally different. Finally, Maceo came out and pulled his mic to the side. Another friend pointed out that there are only two people who would make Maceo a sideman: James Brown and...

...strutting from the left side of the stage clad in a White Suit and high heeled boots came out the funkiest man alive: Prince.

He shocked the hell out of the crowd and tore the roof off the place for the next 7 minutes. He only played one song but it was electric nonetheless.

The next morning I joined a few hundred loyal fans at Bryant Park in the city for a free live performance for Good Morning America. I hate that awful show, but the music was great. Sound could have been better and performance could have been longer, but after all, it was Prince. And he does what he wants.

First time I saw the Purple one live. Hope it's not the last.

Should also mention that I was on line at 5:30AM for that concert. And a half asleep dude who was in line in front of me had the quote of the day: "If this was Michael Jackson I'd Tivo the shit"

You said it stranger. I'd Tivo the shit too.

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