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8/25/2005 7:13 pm

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the mind rambles--

I have been swinging for a long long long time, and I guess lately I have just been letting all the particular quirks of people get me down--but today (see below) my buddy just changed my whole mind again-after all, I think, I wouldnt have the enjoyment of his hands and body if I gave up on swinging. So, it cant be all bad, right?

I like to read these blogs, read the inside of a person's mind, try to figure out what makes them so sexy or so not to me. Its funny how (at least in my case) I can fuck someone for a long time and not really know them, to me the enjoyment of swinging is the lack of all the emotional drama that comes with a "real" relationship--I am not sitting on here looking for number 10, or marriage, or hot dates, or all the other perks of a relationship. Just some hot steamy sex.

Last weekend, extended by a few days, was spent with my newest flame--not on here so named Mike--and several days of getting to know one another in and out of the bedroom. Rock my world big guy! From the pool to the bed, working to mowing, you are just allright with me. Your body is beautiful, your kisses and touch melt my body, hurry back to me! Hubby home Saturday and Sunday nite, and as it was our anniversary weekend, there were lots of lovely surprises for me and lots of hot steaming sex all the time he was home! I will worship that body until I am gone, just when I think I know you I learn something different! I hope that we always continue to turn each other on!

It got quiet on Tuesday, until today. Well, last nite I had a hot steamy phone call from Verlin--but that didnt quite cut it for me. I spent the rest of the nite daydreaming about that lovely body, the strength in those hard worker's hands, all that sexual stamina driving me insane for a few days. I must have had myself in quite the tizzy when Mr.D IMed today--

I'm not very well liked on here right now, because I allowed myself to respond to something that someone sent (then disappeared after she started the shit) by going off at the mouth (or is that the fingertips?). I'm a big girl, I can take it I guess--I am not responding to all the childish bull. Thats what AdultFriendFinder is about to me anyway. It all just goes back to what I said, about not knowing anyone and choosing to be that way. Heck, I have seen for a few years some--and couldnt even say where the heck they live. Some people love emotional drama, I just love getting naked in the sun, or hot and sweaty in the bed!

I hope everyone that reads this has a hot and sexual day!!

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