I guess I should post here, since I started this thing-  

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8/25/2005 6:51 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I guess I should post here, since I started this thing-

AHHHH Mr.D, thanks for the wonderful afternoon of pure sex and orgasms to change my mood and make my outlook better! Be safe lover!

There is nothing like that quite unexpected IM from you to make me laugh and enjoy what is left of my day, nothing like having a window pop open on my screen to share your life with mine in your quiet sexy way! That is why when our time was set, I spent the hours in expectation of your hot hard cock and those serious steel blue eyes boring into my thoughts. Fuck buddy, eh? I think the foreplay for you and I is all in the mind, the anticipation of the touch and the heat of the moment all in the fantasies we live when we meet.

I love the way you are comfortable enough with me now to just walk in and go into the bedroom, join me or lead me, tell me what you want. Cut through the chase and lets release the tension--then we can talk awhile. I really can get in to stripping your clothes as you walk through the room, licking and sucking your beautiful hot cock until you are ready and suffering along with me! Rub your cock all over me and then fuck me hot and hard and long, until we are both screaming and the neighbors are wondering whether to call the police or not!

Yes, thats the way I spent my afternoon--lying under the mirrors on the ceiling, taking delight in the body of a friend, allowing him to lead me to mindblowing orgasms that changed my mood from cranky to wasted! Be careful on the ride my friend, dont do anything that I dont want to be there doing with you!

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