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3/29/2006 1:39 pm

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So I am back again. Today I'm feeling a little green.

Lets see, today was pretty uneventful. Miserable, yet tolerable. I was approached with interest by a male doctor today at work and I must say, it made me feel good, and very attractive. But I turned him down because I'm in no way attracted to him, although I heard he's working with like 11 inches and he supposedly knows how to use it. Pshhh. 11 inches. So what? I honestly prefer average sizes anyway. Flaunting that you have a really thick 8 or 9 incher is not impressive. Really, it's not. The way I see it, don't talk shit to me about your dick size. If it comes down to it, show me how you use what you got. Simple and plain. Maybe egos are boasted higher when men brag about how big their dick is. I wonder do some women do that. Actually now that I think of it, some women do have a tendency to brag about how good they think their pussy is. I have a co-worker that loves to do that. Talking bout, 'My men never want to fuck anybody else. This phat pussy is the best they're ever gonna find.' Bitch please. I know at least 3 of her fuck buddies that are only fucking her because she lets them. No other reason at all. Shame on her for being so damn conceited..and naive. LOL @ her for proudly saying 'my men' like it's a good thing to have a whole bunch of men available so you can fuck a different one every night of the week..or maybe even in the same night..but it's whatever floats her boat. Anyways, I don't brag on mine because I thinks it's tacky and not very classy at all. I've never gotten any complaints so that makes me feel pretty darn good. Woot!!

So umm..yeah..I guess that's all for now.

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