To Protect and Serve...(and some other stuff)  

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4/14/2006 8:01 am

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To Protect and Serve...(and some other stuff)

I'm playing hooky today. Why? Because I feel terrible. It's all good being a woman, until your menstrual cycle shows up. Cramps, tender nipples, restless legs, UGH!!! I got up this morning and the nausea was too uncomfortable to bear. That was about 4 hrs ago, and although it has eased up a SLIGHT bit, I still took the opportunity to get a 3-day weekend. Hell, I deserve it. I must say I do my share of overtime.

Anyway, I did make it to the bookstore last night, accompanied by my extra sexy male friend.
I got 3 books, all of which should be really good. 2 were discounted so that was awesome. It's always fun to save money.
Preceding that, we met up for coffee, ahh, sweet coffee. Yum!! Ummm yeah, so back on track here, after the coffee and the bookstore trip, we go back to the coffee shop where my vehicle was left since I had decided to ride with him. So we talked a bit, and kissed and bit more before we parted ways, and low and behold, our county's finest rolled up. Now I wasn't expecting much actually, just for him to basically be nosy, tell us to be safe or what not, and stroll on. Not the case at all. He turns out to be a COMPLETE asshole, offending me in every way possible and asking questions that were irrelevant and none of his business. What pissed me of royally was when he asked for both of our IDs, and took them back to his car. IS HE SERIOUS?? All of this because of a public makeout session?? Since when was that a crime?? He took a really long time in his car, doing or at least pretending to do whatever it was he called himself doing with our IDs. And with each passing second, my anger level rose higher.

When he finally did return, he handed us or IDs back, and, in my opinion, offensively warned us. He said, 'A bit of advice, not in my parking lot.' Now I could've been mistaken, because he might've said not in THE parking lot. THE sounds alot better than MY. I'm not going to give him that much credit though. He was definitely rude enough to say MY. As if we were doing something so terrible. Like in movies, when the Lieu refers to the city as his, usually only when something like drugs or something of a heinous nature is involved: 'This is my city, and I'm going to keep it clean.' Blah..blah. I dunno, the whole situation resulted in me wishing I could've smacked the living daylights out of his ass. After he left, we did sneak in a few more sweet kisses before we finally separated for the evening. It's crazy, because in my high-school yrs, not once did I ever get caught publicly making out by the police. Ah well, I still enjoyed myself. Time spent with him is always the best. Every darn second. With or without police interruption.

Hmm..OK..enough of those Red Hot Chili Peppers. Onto Chronic Future.

I love oral sex. Probably giving more than receiving. Uhh..OK..maybe I like them both the same, especially when receiving it is sooo damn good. When it's just so good, you have to smile. I mean you just HAVE to.

Ladies, and maybe even men, did you know there's a 'feel good spot' behind your knee cap in the bend? It could actually be just me, but WOOBOY, it feels damn good to be kissed and licked there.

My extra sexy male friend has dimples, or maybe just a dimple, that I hadn't noticed before we had sex. I like it. I should take notice to see whether or not it only appears during intercourse. I doubt it. He's probably had it all along. He's SO damn hott. How could I have missed the dimple?? I love dimples!!!

OK...enough blogging. Back to bed.

That is all.....for now.

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