The Case of the EX...  

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4/19/2006 6:59 pm

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The Case of the EX...

I wonder why is that when couples split up, they can be the best of friends, until one of them moves on. I suppose that's not all exes, just some...or mostly just mine. ::Shrugs::

So I ran into my ex-boyfriend at the gas station on my lunch break today. I was with a male co-worker that I'm in no way at all romantically involved with. Well when he saw me, I was waiting to pump some gas, and my male friend was in the store waiting in line to pay.

My ex came up to me, hugged me, and expressed how happy he was to see me. We held small talk for about 7 or so minutes before my co-worker returned to my car. He spoke in kindness to my ex, and offered to my pump my gas, which was gentleman-like. My ex's entire mood instantly changed. Now this is the same guy that did his dirt while we were together, and made it clear that he had no more feelings for me, of course after I decided that I was packing my stuff and moving out because I had found him out. So he abruptly ends the conversation, I mean literally just walks off, gets in his car and drives off. Wow, I must've missed something.

He later calls me, and says that I could've told him that I had a man, and that way he wouldn't have felt like a fool hugging me and all that jazz. Well obviously he wasn't genuinely happy to see me at all. I actually find the whole thing to be childish. He's 26 yrs old. And he's carrying the situation like he's 18. I didn't bother to explain that my co-worker was not in fact my boyfriend, but so what if he was? The times that I have seen him in the past, I was alone, and he was with someone. I didn't trip about it though. When we were speaking on a regular basis, he would talk about his 'girl issues' most of the time. Blah...if he wants me back, he should just say so, not that it would make a difference anyway. It just seems, and I have pieced this together from past similar situations with him, that as long as I'm single, or he thinks I'm single, he's just fine. But when he thinks that I have someone, he gets all bent out of proportion and what not. Like he's the onlt one that is supposed to experience happiness.

I just think his ponytail is way too tight.

That is all.

Randomness: My hormones are coming out of their dormant stage. Time to plan another night with my sexxxiful guy.

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