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3/28/2006 2:14 pm

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For starters, PINK is HOTT! Good Lord!! She moistens my thongs.

This is a horrible color for text, I'm sure of it. I won't get to see until I post so whatever, I'm in a chocolatey mood now. Plus I'm eating a 3 musketeers bar and it is dang good!!

Work is so stressful!! Even on my off days, I still feel the affects of the job. I'm a nurse, and I work in geriatrics in a nursing home facility. Seniors, wow bless their hearts, but they really test me sometimes. But I always act as if my mother/father or grandmother is one of my patients, so everybody gets treated with the upmost respect, regardless of what they may say or do.

I was thinking that I'll actually take the time today to respond to all of my emails. I wasn't expecting people to actually pay me any mind at all, but it rocks to be noticed.

It's kind of amazing, all of the people on this site, some are single looking for no-strings sex or one night stands with different people. Some are married and are seeking to do sordid things behind their spouses back. Some are looking for love here, which might just be possible, even though this is a sex website. Some have foot fetishes, pantyhose fetishes, ass fetishes, some want their first bi experience, or want to experience a 3some with a TS/TG and whoever else. I've encountered it all, and although I'm open-minded to anything, and I won't judge anybody for what gets their rocks off, there are select activities that I just won't participate in..like for example, I won't take it in the ass, tried it once and that was enough for me..but for those that lick it..be my guest because it tickles like hell, but feels so damn good. I really brought that up to say this, I wonder what the world would be like without all of these sexually diverse people in it. Probably deathly boring. Why the hell would we all want to be fucking each other missionary style all the time? Shit, I like it from the back, and the side, hell upside down if I could get in that position. I think 2 women together in the 69 position is hott. If I had a man, I would enjoy watching him fuck another female. HELL YES!! All in all, I enjoy talking with everybody that I meet, regardless of what they like...so please continue to entertain me.

Speaking of AdultFriendFinder members, there's a particular guy that I haven't been talking to long and we've only sent each other a few emails, but I hope we can be really good friends because he seems like such a kewl ass dude. He's my panty rocker..and anybody that gets that title has got to be fucking awesome. Word to your daddy.

Soo anyway...That is all.

Yes, I know my mood says erect, but that is how I really feel.

iaimtopleaseu25 32M
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4/3/2006 5:35 pm

i wish more women were like you i am 22 year old guy who gets turned on by womens clothes odd!!! i know but i hope to meet some one here it has opened my eyes and made me feel like less of a freak so thanks to you and every one else on here

FemFreak4Fun 31F

4/4/2006 2:50 pm

I swear, it rocks to be different.

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