I've been thinking...  

FemFreak4Fun 31F
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4/4/2006 2:45 pm

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4/4/2006 6:43 pm

I've been thinking...

...maybe I should spring for a silver membership. In actuality, I don't want to pay money just to meet someone to have sex with, but the benefits that come out of the deal seem pretty cool. I think I'll be leaning toward keeping my $19.95 in my pocket. It's a damn shame to be so cheap.

I wonder why do we choose the internet as a place to find true love, or no-strings sex. Is it because some of us can't meet anybody in our real day to day lives so we turn here for more opportunities? Well I'm sure everyone has their reasons. Mine is because I like the mystery behind it. I have this anonymous username that identifies me, but doesn't IDENTIFY me. I can look at whoever I choose to as many times as I choose to without making them feel uncomfortable or vice versa. And when we decide to meet offline, I just pray that everything goes smoothly. I've met 3 people from here so far. The first 2 were HORRIBLE. I never even got to have sex with either them. They looked nothing like the pictures I had seen of them on the net. NOTHING like them. The third guy I just met recently. OMG..can we say..AWESOME. I mean he's the sweetest guy, attractive, sense of humor, a great kisser. I swear you've GOT to love a great kisser. He's fucking HOTTNESS. That's word to your mother. I wonder how bad do offline experiences get for some people. I swear I'd love to hear about some really insane encounters.

But anyway, I hope everybody is safe and cautious when they meet other people. I wish everyone good luck in finding that person, or people, to fulfill your fantasies and what not. Safe and happy fucking everybody!!!

That is all.

rm_MaxxEnergy 47M
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4/4/2006 3:20 pm

Yup, horror stories for both male and female. The worst for me was a 'blond blue eyed babe' that turned out to be anything but that! Luckilly, like you I persevered and found some great kissers and everything elsers. Wow!!! My life is so full and so fun.

Why the net? All the reasons you said plus the fact that in person you can not possible study an individual the way you can in private. I love the secrecy, the discression the pure erotica. This is the way of the future now. Would you trade for going to a loud bar and yelling into someones ear that you find attractive? Been there, done that ... no thanks. Happy hunting! ps. Nice lips! heee

Chaotix69 39M
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4/4/2006 5:32 pm

I'd have to agree about the kissing thing. A good kisser is SWEETNESS. And, like you and Maxx...I once came across someone who may've matched their picture about 15 years previous, but by the time I got to meet them...holy shi'ite. Very unfortunate encounter there. I was very ashamed of myself for going through with it.

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