Going Out...  

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4/14/2006 7:31 pm

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Going Out...

It's 10:20, and I have officially finished getting dressed. My lady friend that I met a few days ago, called me and asked me did I want to go out and do something tonight. Of course I said yes, considering my other options, which was absolutely nothing. We're going out to grab something to eat for sure, and probably head out to the park and converse for a while.

Richmond sucks when it comes to nightlife. Maybe I just don't know where the cool spots are, but I'm thinking there are none. Some say I'm 'old-fashioned. Heh. I hate clubs. How could anyone tolerate the chaos and immaturity of the club scene ALL of the time. Yeah, I might go sometimes, but it's very rare. Bars are cool I guess, but I'm not too much into that either. Ah well, I guess I just have to grin and bear it, unfortunately.

I feel soo much better as opposed to earlier this morning. Thank God for Midol.

So anyway, I'm off.

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