Ashamed and Disgusted  

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9/4/2005 11:44 pm

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Ashamed and Disgusted

One thing I have noticed about the blogs here is that while it is a great open forum for sex, there is also a lot of discussion about other things in life. So here goes.
Right now I am so sick to my stomach about the state of things in New Orleans. It was my home for 2 years. I dealt with a flash flood there during the brief life I had there. I believe it is one of the scariest things I have ever gone through. And while we had a 4 ft. wall of water that ran through the city, it was nothing compared to the devastation that is occurring right now.
And to make matters worse...we have our lovely government. Stand up and be proud! NOT!!!!!
I heard a wonderful quote tonight. "Our bureaucracy has committed murder and they need to be tried and held accountable." This coming from the president of Jefferson Parish in LA. The man was sobbing asking when someone was going to come and help the people that he is responsible for? He can not do it on his own.
The police and firefighters of NO have done all that they can to hold the city together. I heard on the radio driving home that many have resorted to suicide. Unable to take the pressure of such immense failure.
Wal-Mart, who I despise, showed up in NO with 3 trailer trucks full of water for the stranded people. They were turned away by FEMA. Told that the government had it all under control. I believe this was on Monday. As of today they still have people dying of dehydration. Where is the control? Who is going to take responsibility? Countries are offering to help it with helicopters, money, food, water...and our government is not even taking the time to respond. They (the other countries) have decided to go through the Red Cross instead.
Is this natural disaster being seen as a blessing for our current regime? A way to take out 10,000 of our countries poorest, black, HUMANS? Another quote..."stop referring to these people as refugees...they are tax paying citizens of this "GREAT COUNTRY"." They have been driven from their homes by natural disaster, not into another country through war or dictatorship, or oppression. These are OUR people.
We are treating these victims of Katrina as if they are animals, and yet we are then horrified when they start wrong word...REACTING as if they were.
This, faux administration is a failure. To the people they are supposed to protect the most. If there was any question of where the Bush regimes loyalties lie, that question has now been answered. His own countrymen (Yes, he took on the poor black in this country when sworn into office...they are now his countrymen whether he likes it or not) are dying, when there is no one that he can lay blame on. No one to start a war against. No smart bombs to make his balls seem bigger.
I know in my head, that I am not responsible for this man being in office. Of having any power over our people. And yet my shame and disgust at our lack of humanity is something I will never be able to forget or forgive.

your_gypsy 51F

9/8/2005 6:04 pm

honey, i am so with you!!! very well said.

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